31 01, 2015

What is Open Access? Video chat with Dr. Martin Eve

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Open Access is not just an issue that plagues scientists and clinical open_accesspractitioners. Allowing access to scholarly publications and academic work is also widely debated in the humanities as well. We found this out as we sat down and discussed Open Access with Dr. Martin Eve (@martin_eve).

30 01, 2015

MEdIC Series |The Case of Breaking Bad News Badly – Expert Review and Curated Commentary

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MEdIC Mini 2.05The Case of Breaking Bad News Badly precipitated yet another thoughtful and riveting discussion over the past week. We are now proud to present to you the Curated Community Commentary and our two expert opinions. Thank-you again to all our experts and participants for contributing again this week to the ALiEM MEdIC series.

29 01, 2015

AIR Series: Toxicology Module 2015

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ALiEM-AIR-Badge only 200x200Welcome to the sixth ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) Module! In an effort to reward our residents for the reading and learning they are already doing online we have created an Individual Interactive Instruction (III) opportunity utilizing FOAM resources for U.S. Emergency Medicine residents. For each module, the AIR board curates and scores a list of blogs and podcasts. A quiz is available to complete after each module to obtain residency conference credit. Once completed, your name and institution will be logged into our private Google Drive database, which participating residency program directors can access to provide proof of completion.

28 01, 2015

PV Card: Focused Ocular Ultrasound

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ocular ultrasound vitreous hemorrhage ultrasoundOcular injuries and pathology are a common cause for Emergency Department visits. With bedside ultrasonography, many of these conditions can be assessed. Did you know that you can check for a retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, and even a lens dislocation? What do these look like? Check out this great PV card on the focused ultrasound assessment of the eye.

26 01, 2015

Diagnose on Sight: Traumatic low back pain

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backpain_pc_400_clr_2144Case: An 18 year old female was the restrained passenger in a motor vehicle crash moving at 65 mph. She complained of traumatic low back pain radiating to her abdomen. What is the most likely mechanism of injury, based on this video of CT images?


25 01, 2015

I am Dr. Heather Murray, Emergency Physician and Medical Educator: How I Work Smarter

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How I Work Smarter LogoIf you’re still trying wrap your mind around the Karpman triangle, the 3 Cs, and Kairos from last week’s post, don’t worry, we have some back to the basics goodness for you. Dr. Heather Murray (@HeatherM211) is an emergency physician primarily but wears many hats: Medical School Leader, Teacher of Evidence-Based Medicine, Journal Editor, Epidemiologist, and Canadian National Board Examiner. I have been told that she is a budding meme expert. But beyond titles, she clearly leaves a lasting impression with her learners. Indeed, fourth year medical student Eve Purdy nominated her to be part of the series. Dr. Murray kindly shared her pearls of wisdom with us.


24 01, 2015

Anti-NMDA-Receptor Encephalitis

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EncephalitisAnti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis is a severe and treatable immune-mediated disorder which presents with a rapid progression of  psychiatric and neuropsychiatric symptoms. Although only first reported as a diagnosis in 2007, an exponential number of cases have since been described, suggesting that the disease is not rare but rather under-diagnosed. Emergency physicians play an important role in recognizing this disorder, as prognosis is largely dependent on early treatment with immunotherapy.

23 01, 2015

MEdIC Series | The Case of Breaking Bad News Badly

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DNR canstockphoto4969800Code status. Do not resuscitate. Allow natural death… These can be some of the most daunting concepts for new learners to explain to patients, but they can also be the most critical. Depending on the circumstances, discussing these topics may be difficult for the most advanced clinicians.  This month’s ALiEM MEdIC series case considers how we might help a learner through a bad experience with end-of-life care discussions. Please join us in discussing the case this month, we would love your thoughts and advice.

22 01, 2015

PV Card: Testicular Ultrasound for Torsion and Epididymitis

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Testicular Torsion sm“Time is testicle.” Every minute drags by while you are awaiting your ultrasonographer to arrive to scan your patient to rule out testicular torsion. Why not take a quick look yourself? What are you looking for? This is an excellent PV card by Drs. Matthew Dawson and Mike Stone on the topic of testicular ultrasound, giving the basics about testicular torsion and acute epididymitis.

20 01, 2015

Must-Know EM Pharmacotherapy Articles of 2014

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canstockphoto23105821There is so much literature to sift through each year, it becomes nearly impossible to stay abreast of it. Here is a quick summary of the 6 must-know Emergency Medicine pharmacotherapy articles from 2014, in my humble opinion.