20 08, 2014

EM Match Advice: The EM Rotation, ERAS, and Am I Competitive?

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EM Match iconToday launches a series of Google Hangout videos, which was created and expertly facilitated by Dr. Michael Gisondi (@MikeGisondi) from Northwestern. In this series, he recruited an amazing panel of program directors from around the country, who have kindly volunteered their time to share their insights and expertise. In these videos, you get a sense of each panelist’s personalities while they outdo each other with behind-the-scenes advice and stories, which would normally be shared only at the institutional level. Our videocasts are a unique must-see for medical students interested in and applying into Emergency Medicine (EM). Keep a look out for more videos in the future!

19 08, 2014

Diagnose on Sight: Palmar Rash

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palmar rashCase: A 41 year old male with one week of non-pruritic palmar rash that started on his trunk and spread to his hands. He has no history of travel, fever, joint pains, or medication use. What is your diagnosis for this palmar rash? Click on the image for a larger view.


18 08, 2014

Essential Non-Blog FOAM Resources for the ED Practitioner

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Keyboard FOAM resourceIn 2008 I joined the University of Maryland Emergency Medicine team after completing a one-year pharmacy practice residency and a two-year clinical toxicology fellowship. In my 6 years working in the ED, I’ve come across a few online FOAM resources (Free Open Access Meducation) that are essential to my practice. Inspired by ALiEM’s new How I Work Smarter series, I wanted to share these free tools in the hope that they may help you work smarter too, regardless of what your role is in the emergency management of patients.

17 08, 2014

I am Salim Rezaie, Editor in Chief of REBEL-EM: How I Work Smarter

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How I Work Smarter LogoIn this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we are bringing it back home. We first started in the United States, then Australia, then the UK. Today we return back to the U.S. and feature Dr. Salim Rezaie (@Srrezaie), who is the Editor-in-Chief for REBEL-EM and REBEL Cast. The following summarizes Salim’s great tips.

16 08, 2014

Trick of the Trade: V-to-Y flap laceration repair for tension wounds

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Laceration repairYou see a patient with a large V-shaped laceration under tension requiring suture repair. Resist the temptation to simply pull the edges together and close the laceration with simple interrupted or running sutures. Excessive tension on a flap edge during the healing process can compromise its blood supply. This causes ischemia to the healing tissue, which in turn makes that flap edge more likely to dehisce, necrose, and become infected.