5 09, 2015

I am Dr. James Huffman, STARS Airway Course Director, Transport Physician, and Clinical Educator: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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How I Stay Healthy logoDr. James Huffman (@jameslhuffman) knows how to keep well and keep it real! Despite multiple work commitments, he still finds time to engage in his interests, keep fit, stay well, and spend time with his family and friends. With a recent new addition to his family, Dr. Huffman has learned how to maximize his time. Constantly trying to find new ways to be effective, Dr. Huffman is a true example of how wellness can be integrated into your day. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM!


4 09, 2015

ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the ED – Recommendations by Dr. Lewis Goldfrank

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ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the EDIn the way that we can be inspired and changed by the actions of others, we can be inspired and changed by the books we read. In this series, ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the ED, we hope to introduce you to a selection of books as seen through our guests’ eyes.

Our first guest is Dr. Lewis Goldfrank, Chair of Emergency Medicine at NYU – Bellevue. He is well known as one of the founders of both Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology. In addition to his accomplishments within Emergency Medicine, for many he is best known as the spiritual leader of the humanistic mission of Emergency Medicine. We are excited to have him as our inaugural post of this new series.

2 09, 2015

Diagnose on Sight: Recurrent Rash

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recurrent rashCase: A 22 year old female presents with a rash on her left arm for several days. She states she has previously had the exact same rash in the exact same location intermittently over the past 2 years. She has no systemic symptoms and has started no new prescription medications, though she has been taking ibuprofen. What is the diagnosis?

31 08, 2015

PEM Pearls: Migraine Treatment for Pediatric EM Patients

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Migraine Treatment for Pediatric EM PatientsYou are working your evening shift at the pediatrics emergency department, and you walk into a darkened patient room with a distressed mother and her otherwise healthy 10-year old daughter who is curled in a ball, holding her head and crying. Her mother tells you that the around-the-clock ibuprofen has barely touched her 2-day headache.

After determining that your patient has no neurologic deficits and that this is most likely a primary headache, what can you do to break her symptoms?

27 08, 2015

5 Scheduling Software Options in the Emergency Department: An In-Depth Review

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iStock_000011114453XSmallFrom the dawn of Emergency Medicine, the tradition of schedule creation has been an arduous task handed down from chief to chief. Only the most masochistic of individuals dared to rise to the challenges inherent in planning shift coverage around the concerts, reunions, and weddings of their closest peers. Luckily, as design and technology continue to advance, an increasing number of software options have become available to help assist the Scheduler in his or her duties. The software options have dramatic variations in price, interface, and capabilities. The inaugural ALIEM Chief Resident Incubator team hopes to shed some light on the various options, to help you pick the right tool for your program.