25 07, 2014

MEdIC Series | The Case of the Absentee Audience

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LLSAslideHave you ever been at a lecture where the audience didn’t seem in ‘sync’ with the speaker?  Or perhaps as a junior presenter, some of you may have been at a lecture or two that just didn’t seem to work. This month, we ask you to advise Dr. Xiu, a presenter who is experiencing this exact problem. Come out and discuss the Case of the Absentee Audience.

24 07, 2014

Child Whisperer Series: After the Pediatric Code Blue

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mom_holding_baby_boy_400_clr_34534-168x300“We need to debrief” said the nurse manager after the medical team walked out of the critical care room after pronouncing a child who died after a traumatic accident. The social worker pointed at me (I am a Child Life Specialist) and looked at her and said “It’s our code blue now. We have to wait. We have a job to do”. Which was her way of saying we still had a lot of work to do with the family. At that point I walked in a room with the social worker and devastated parents, where the patient’s brother waited. He looked at me with big eyes and wanted to know if his sibling was ok. Not a conversation I would wish upon my worst enemy.

22 07, 2014

Diagnose on Sight: Bilateral Leg Rash

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Erythema Nodosum

Case: A pre-teen girl, living in central California, recently started on fluconazole, now presenting with a bilateral leg rash. What is your diagnosis? Click on the image for a larger view.

21 07, 2014

Sternoclavicular Joint Dislocations: Diagnosis and Treatment

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Image obtained from healio.com

A 16-year-old football player presents to the emergency department directly from a game. He was tackled, falling onto his right shoulder. The patient is complaining of right-sided chest pain. On exam, there is tenderness over the right sternoclavicular joint (SCJ) with a prominent medial clavicle. Range of motion is limited in the right arm. What diagnostic studies need to be performed? What treatment is warranted in the emergency department?

20 07, 2014

I am Victoria Brazil, Academic Lead for Clinical Skills and Simulation at Bond University: How I Work Smarter

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How I Work Smarter LogoIn the first post for the “How I Work Smarter” series, I called out one my favorite, accomplished clinician-educators Dr. Victoria Brazil, because she makes extreme-productivity look easy. Victoria was kind enough to provide her trade secrets, and it is with great pleasure that I share her responses to the questions in this series.