Chief Resident Incubator 2019-20


Update April 14, 2020:

We are officially closing our virtual doors to this amazing community. We are transitioning to other ways towards helping Chief Residents in Emergency Medicine grow professionally. Please stay posted for more information coming shortly.


What is the ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator?

The Chief Resident Incubator provides a virtual online community to foster leadership and innovative skills for emergency medicine Chief Residents featuring educational giants within the specialty as mentors. The curriculum content is structured around a closed digital platform that will engage members to help launch and accelerate career development during their final academic year. This exclusive, Chief-Resident only, year-long virtual community will stoke the fires of creative engagement through collaboration and mentorship.


Special thanks to EBSCO Health/DynaMed for being our exclusive sponsors and investing in the accelerated development of our future leaders in Emergency Medicine.

Mission Statement

The Chief Resident Incubator is a virtual community of practice and scholarship that addresses the unique educational and professional needs of Chief Residents.

Incubator Leadership Team

Layla Abubshait, MD
Chief Operating Officer

Layla is one of the rare individuals who took full advantage of being a member of the ALiEM Chief Resident, Fellowship, and Faculty Incubator over these years. She now returns to lead the CRincubator in a special year of new ideas and creative initiatives. Layla is currently working as an attending physician and an assistant professor of emergency medicine in the United Arab Emirates.

Tanner Gronowski, DO
Chief People Officer

Tanner was the 2018-19 CRincubator COO who currently works as a traveling emergency physician, teaches on his podcast EM Over Easy, and will be adding these unique perspectives along with his time a previous Chief Resident at Doctors Hospital.

Rob Cooney, MD MSMedEd, RDMS
Chief Strategy Officer

Rob was the 2018-19 CSO for the CRincubator and returns with even more sage wisdom for the membership. He has also been a Core Mentor for the ALiEM Faculty Incubator. He is the Director of Faculty Development at Geisinger Medical Center, a prior residency director, a Clinical Assistant Professor at Temple University, and a Fellow for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement / Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers.

Adaira Chou, MD
Legacy Advisor, COO 2015-16

Adaira was the inaugural Chief Operating Officer of the CRincubator for 2015-16, and remains an executive board member of the ALiEM organization. She completed an ultrasound fellowship and Masters of Education, and is currently the Assistant Program Director at the the Brigham and Women’s/ Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Affiliated EM Residency Program.

Fareen Zaver, MD FRCPC-EM, ABEM
Legacy Advisor, COO 2017-18

Fareen was the Chief Operating Officer of the CRincubator for 2017-18, and remains actively involved with the CRincubator every year. She is completing her masters degree in health professions education, and is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary.

Michelle Lin, MD
Senior Advisor

Michelle is the founder of ALiEM, Professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), a previous Associate Program Director, featured podcaster on EM:RAP (LIN Sessions), and a champion of all creative, world-domination ideas in medical education.


What things do we have planned for 2019-20?

First and foremost, this year is about giving Chief Residents all they need and more. We are trying to add and expand on what the CRincubator has offered in years past, maintaining the revolutionary resource we have become while also expanding to areas untouched in the past. If you want the single best resource for a Chief Resident, this is your stop!

1. Guide to Chief Resident Year

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But what if the Chief year came with a guide? Wouldn’t that be awesome? We have an exciting news for you!

This year we will be working on developing an official guide that will help current and aspiring chief residents get the most of their year. And the best part is that you will have an opportunity to co-author this work.

2. Core Champions

Think of CRincubator Champions like a big brother or sister, but less annoying. They recently were chiefs, they know what you are about to go through, and are there to help you survive. We are bringing back some veteran Champions as well as adding to the roster some new star Chief Residents from last year to be Core Champions. Their role will be to give you a direct link to someone who literally just completed the fire and brimstone of chief year, and to help provide you with a more customized, near-peer mentorship experience. Additionally they will help jump start discussions on core areas, such as resident wellness, conferences, and mentorship.

3. Publications and Educational Initiatives

We loved seeing how much the Chief Residents wanted to publish over the course of the past few years. Not only is it incredible how much they accomplish on the ground at their own programs, but they contribute to the knowledge base nationally at the same time. Having like-minded people and resources of ALiEM at hand, you can expect to accomplish anything you want if you have the desire. We are excited to work on even more opportunities for Chief Residents to publish together and produce more educational content. We launched multiple great initiatives, including a free residency In-Service Training Exam prep book (now with 2nd edition already!) and the Wellness Think Tank. Also the Chief Residents were eligible to publish on the ALiEM blog site, where each post typically received potentially thousands of views each. Take a look at a small slice of what we’ve published over the past few years on ALiEM!

  1. 2019 journal publication – Emergency Medicine Residents on Electronic Medical Records (EMR on EMR): Perspectives and Advice
  2. In-Training Exam iBook (free) and on ALiEMU
  3. ALiEM blog content

4. Live VIP Invite-Only Networking Events

This year, we plan to have 3 VIP, invite-only networking mixers at CORD’s, SAEM’s, and ACEP’s 2018 national meetings. Think of it as drinks, food, and rubbing elbows with surprise emergency medicine celebrity guests… for free. This is a celebration that only Chief Residents that are part of the CRincubator can attend, and you don’t want to miss out. This is a unique event to meet other Chief Residents from around the country face-to-face and network with leaders in an exclusive setting.

We will have 3 opportunities to meet up live, so make sure to put these on your calendar now!

  • CORD – March 31, 2019 in Seattle
  • SAEM / Essentials of EM – During May 14-17, 2019 in Las Vegas
  • ACEP – During October 27-30, 2019 in Denver

We can not wait for you to see who our surprise VIP guests are!

ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator networking event at ACEP 2017 in Washington D.C.

Photo albums:

5. Ask Questions Anonymously

Have a difficult program director or resident interaction that you don’t want to be identified to your specific program? Although the Incubator is a “safe” environment because it is a closed (non-public) community, we have an area for Chief Residents to ask their questions anonymously to the membership and mentors. This allows for those really tough questions to be asked without judgement or concern for repercussions. This has been a popular feature of our community and often spurs great ideas and conversation that many people learn from.

6. Featured Virtual Mentors

Our expert mentors have designed a yearlong curriculum, designed to provide you with a strong foundation in medical education and personal development. The CRincubator year will be divided into blocks. Each block we will be focusing on a specific topic relevant to your chief resident year.

  • Block 1: Understanding the transition into a leadership role and mistakes to avoid
  • Block 2: How to have a better understanding of yourself and find what makes us tick
  • Block 3: What are the keys of effective leadership?
  • Block 4: How to get a job, build your CV, and rock your interview
  • Block 5: Wellness and Resilience – How to balance your work life?
  • Block 6: Break
  • Block 7: Break
  • Block 8: Effective communication skills
  • Block 9: Decision making skills
  • Block 10: Managing change
  • Block 11: How to be an effective leader and coach your followers?
  • Block 12: Financial planning for the real world!

Take a listen to a few highlights from our who’s who of mentors in the Chief Resident Incubator podcast collection on our ALiEM Soundcloud account.

7. Goodbye boring listserv. Welcome Slack!


Slack, despite its informal name, is an incredibly powerful digital communication platform that has completely revolutionized how the ALiEM Editorial Board works and is the primary means of communication for many technology companies. It has been described as “team communication for the 21 century” and efficiently transforms how teams work. Part of its functionality is that it is very mobile-device friendly. Participation in Slack itself will be the CRs’ first lesson in excelling in the new academic world of digital media and virtual collaborations. Instead of an email listserv, the CRs will be communicating, sharing, and working together in a private Incubator account.

Membership Cost

We are charging the residency program only $120 per Chief Resident for the whole year (discount price starting May 16, 2019). That is only $10 per month. While we would love to host this for free, we need to charge for this year-long mentorship program for many reasons:

  1. Providing a quality longitudinal mentorship experience especially in a virtual arena requires a tremendous amount of time, resources, and commitment on behalf of the Incubator leadership team and ALiEM Editorial Board. We are not building a one-day event but rather a true ongoing virtual community of practice.
  2. We are hosting 3 invite-only Chief Resident Incubator Events throughout the year.
  3. The ALiEM team has extensive experience in mentorship and being academically successful using social media and digital technologies. We plan to extend these resources, opportunities, and networks with the Chief Residents.

For the enrollment form, you will need each Chief Resident’s name, his/her non-institutional email address, the program director name, his/her email, program’s snail mail address, and credit card information.


Summary Reports

2017-18 Incubator Year

2015-16 Incubator Year


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Tanner Gronowski, DO

Tanner Gronowski, DO

Chief Operating Officer,
ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator 2018-19
USACS Firefighter/Traveling Emergency Physician