The ALiEM Team is delighted to announce another eBook publication: the third volume in the Education Theory Made Practical series. This book was a labor of love written by the 2018-19 Faculty Incubator class. We are very proud of all our Faculty Incubator alumni who made this happen. Their hard work has been compiled in this FREE, peer-reviewed eBook. We sincerely feel that it will be useful for all the educators out there, wrestling with the issue of integrating theory into practice. Special shout-out to the incredible Dr. David Sklar (former Editor-in-Chief of Academic Medicine) for providing us a thought-provoking foreword.


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The book is available in 2 formats:

iBook format via the iTunes bookstore 

PDF format via ResearchGate


About the Book 

The Education Theory Made Practical series aims to make the theoretical underpinnings of education psychology come alive for health professions teachers, who are seeking to use theory to inform their clinical and classroom teaching.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Six Steps Model of Curriculum Development

Chris Lloyd, DO; Simiao Li-Sauerwine, MD, MS; Shannon McNamara, MD


Chapter 2: The Kirkpatrick Model

Christoper Fowler, DO; Lisa Hoffman, DO; Shreya Trivedi, MD; Amanda Young, MD


Chapter 3: Realist Evaluation

Jason An, MD; Christine Stehman, MD; Randy Sorge, MD


Chapter 4: Mastery Learning

Michael Barrie, MD; Shawn Dowling, MD, FRCPC; Nicole Rocca, MD, FRCPC


Chapter 5: Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

Laurie Mazurik, MD; Elissa Moore, DO; Megan Stobart-Gallagher, DO; Quinn Wicks, MD


Chapter 6: Validity

Rebecca Shaw, MBBS; Carly Silvester, MBBS


Chapter 7: Programmatic Assessment

Elizabeth Dubey, MD; Christian Jones, MD; Annahieta Kalantari, DO


Chapter 8: Self-Assessment Seeking

Nilantha Lenora, MD; Layla Abubshait, MD; Manu Ayyan, MBBS


Chapter 9: Bolman and Deal Four-Frame Model

Lexie Mannix, MD; Shawn Mondoux, MD; David Story, MD


Chapter 10: Kotter’s Stages of Change

Dallas Holladay, DO; Melissa Parsons, MD; Gannon Sungar, DO


About our Process

As part of the 2018-19 Faculty Incubator program, each 2 or 3-person team authored a primer on a key education theory on the International Clinician Educator (ICE) blog. These posts were published serially over a 10-week period. Each post featured a key educationally-relevant theory by starting with a vignette that situated the theory. Following this vignette, there was an explanation, a short history of the theory, and an annotated bibliography for further reading. To ensure high quality, we then asked the #MedEd and #FOAMed online communities to join us in peer-reviewing these posts. After incorporating many of the peer review comments, each blog post was converted into a book chapter within this first volume of a series of books for budding clinician-educators – the Education Theory Made Practical series.


How to Cite This Book

Robinson D, Chan TM, Krzyzaniak S, Gottlieb M, Schnapp B, Spector J, Papanagnou D (eds). Education Theory Made Practical: Volume 3. 1st ed. Digital File. San Francisco, CA: Academic Life in Emergency Medicine; 2020. ISBN: 978-0-9992825-7-1. Available at:


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Michael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS

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