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Wound closure videos and VIPER page



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Procedural teaching videos

In 2005, I started my VIPER project (Video Instruction of Procedures in the ER). I’ll be uploading these videos. You will be able to find them under the VIPER Videos page. If you have other educational videos which you’d like to submit for this page, feel free to email me.

The first videos to be uploaded are on basic Wound Closure, which have been used for various medical student courses at UCSF and various other medical schools. There are 12 chapters.
  • Chapter 1: Equipment (1:54 min)
  • Chapter 2: Anesthesia (3:09 min)
  • Chapter 3: Irrigation (1:11 min)
  • Chapter 4: Starting the Procedure (2:30 min)
  • Chapter 5: Simple Interrupted (3:45 min)
  • Chapter 6: Horizontal Mattress (3:11 min)
  • Chapter 7: Vertical Mattress (1:10 min)
  • Chapter 8: Corner Suture (1:30 min)
  • Chapter 9: Buried Suture (1:51 min)
  • Chapter 10: Dermabond (1:56 min)
  • Chapter 11: Steristrips (0:39 min)
  • Chapter 12: Staples (0:47 min)
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