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VIPER video: How to give effective feedback


web-video-iconA few years ago, Dr. Esther Choo and I created a fun 15-minute instructional video on called Giving Effective Feedback: Beyond “Great Job”. We had a blast recording sample feedback scenarios with our faculty and medical students. For every 1 minute of published footage, there were at least 9 minutes of bloopers and laughter! We definitely should keep our day job.

Giving effective feedback is something that faculty aren’t necessarily taught before starting their position. It’s just assumed that we know how to do it, and how to do it well.

I’m adding this video to the VIPER videos page as well.

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Michelle Lin, MD
Michelle Lin, MD

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  • TChanMD

    Just stumbling upon this now… One of my many projects is on developing a new resident assessment programme – we’ve developed about 54 tools and placed them into 8 portfolios over 2 years… All of them have scaffolded faculty feedback within it! More or less we have made your tips in this video systemic and systematic.

    Expectations for Specific Feedback Every Day / Global Rating

    Daily Assessment Requested of Faculty re: Learner
    Observations (can be subjective or objective)

    Feedback that are Plan for Change

    We still have trouble with buy in re: ‘finding time’… and other problems!