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Paucis Verbis: Feedback card


FeedbackToday’s Paucis Verbis card is a little different. This card focuses on helping you give talking points when giving feedback to a learner on shift. This could be a medical student or resident.

Dr. David Thompson (UCSF-San Francisco General Hospital) sent this great card to me and I thought it was too useful NOT to share. It’s handy on shift, which ultimately is the purpose of these Paucis Verbis cards. These are useful especially for senior residents, who are supervising medical students and junior residents.

Feedback in the emergency department

There have been several blog posts on giving effective feedback in the ED:

This card can be used in many ways. For instance:

  • Print these cards and fill it out at the end of the shift. Give to the learner.
  • Pick 1-2 questions from the list below as launching points for your feedback discussion. You don’t have to overwhelm the learner by answering everyone item below. Sometimes less is more to be effective.

PV Card: End of Shift Feedback

Go to the ALiEM Cards site for more resources.

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  • Great PV card. I am a resident, and I will start using this card with the medical students that rotate in our emergency department.



  • Javier: Great to hear. Let me know how things go with it and whether you’d recommend any changes with it. I’m always open to suggestions.

  • A useful and simple technique I’ve been taught for quick feedback is KEEP, START & STOP.

    What behaviour would you like to KEEP/should that individual keep.

    What should they START doing (e.g. talk to patients).

    What should they STOP doing (e.g. sticking a knife in the toaster).

  • Hi Aaron: What a great tip. I hadn’t heard of this easy-to-remember technique. KEEP, START, STOP. Will definitely have to try that on shift tonight… Plus I learned that I shouldn’t stick knives in toasters.