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Pilot: ALiEM Journal


Building on our blog’s peer review experiment and the discussion about peer-review on various social media platforms, we at Academic Life in Emergency Medicine have decided to take it one step further. 

Dr. Brent Thoma at initially proposed the idea of a FOAM journal, which would highlight the best blog articles in a peer-reviewed manner. Although his suggestion was an online journal which peer-reviewed blog articles POST-publication, we love the general concept of an online journal with quality content, submitted by various authors. 

“…all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources…” 
– Mark Twain 

Using a more traditional print journal model, we are piloting an ALiEM “journal” on a miniature scale to test a proof-of-concept idea. Can we encourage social media consumers to become social media producers of quality, peer-reviewed content? Each month we will choose 5 articles and post them the first Monday of every month.

Pilot idea for ALiEM journal

  • Open call for blog articles relevant to Emergency Medicine or medical education, which would be peer-reviewed by members of the ALiEM blog team ± recruited content expert
  • We provide the medium (blog), and you provide the words. We know that some of you would like to write a blog post, but do not have a blog or have the time to maintain an ongoing blog. We would like to offer you that option.

Why submit to the ALiEM journal?

  • Through mentorship and feedback, improve your writing skills and the nuances of writing blog posts (different from traditional print articles).
  • Communicate and discuss your opinion with others.
  • Network
  • Get recognized and use on your CV.
  • Enjoy the instant gratification of reaching at least 1,000 readers worldwide on the first day of posting.
  • Know that your post will live on in posterity.
  • Join the FOAM movement.


  • Teachings related to Emergency Medicine 
  • Medical education 


  • The blog post must not currently be available in print or online. 
  • We welcome all writers ranging from medical students to retired clinicians from various professions including physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and prehospital providers. 

Peer Reviewing Criteria

  • Relevance to EM or medical education 
  • Clarity of writing 
  • Accuracy of content 
  • Based on current literature 
  • Overall quality of blog post 

Submission Checklist

  • Submit article in Microsoft Word. If including a video or podcast, please send the URL link or file as an attachment.
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Write in English.
  • Write in short paragraphs. 
  • Bulleted/numbered lists improves readability.
  • Limit blog post to a maximum of 400 words, excluding references.
  • Include 3 relevant images.
  • Provide references such as the primary literature, blogs, podcasts, or videos.
  • Be aware of copyright material.


  • February 25, 2013 for March 4 blog publication
  • March 25, 2013 for April 1 blog publication<

Submit your blog article to Dr. Javier Benítez (

If your article needs a bit more work, we will return your article with some feedback, and you can send it back after you have made edits. If your article looks good, we will post it. During the pilot we will focus on EM or medical education topics only. We will not offer money or guarantee a permanent position as a blogger here at ALiEM. We hope that this experience will get your feet wet into writing and hopefully create your own blog in the future.


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