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PV Cards – Transformed into native app form by AgileMD


PVappscreenshotThe first version of the PV Cards App is finally here! Download them for FREE at AgileMD from any electronic device (iPhone/iPad, Android).

I am excited to finally see my PV cards translated into a handy, mobile and interactive version that can be used on-the-go. In collaborating with the AgileMD team, I am excited to see how far the PV cards have come, from actual static index cards to an interactive point of care reference that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Because the app comes in native app form, I can FINALLY access these cards in the internet dead-zones of the hospital. The web app is also available at this link:


Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 1.17.31 AM

My quick walkthrough tutorial of app

Downloading instructions

You can download the app by clicking on the iPhone or Android link (or through the app store). You can also access them from the AgileMD website from any computer/electronic device.

Now available in the App Store

Now available in the Play! Store

Feedback welcome

Let us know what you think by clicking on this survey or the feedback button in the app itself. Using the philosophy that “Perfect is the enemy of good”, we felt guilty not sharing this early version of the PV Cards publicly. Like the PV cards themselves, the app is constantly being updated, improved, and expanded, so we would love any feedback or suggestions.

Michelle Lin, MD
ALiEM Editor-in-Chief
Academy Endowed Chair of EM Education
Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Michelle Lin, MD
Michelle Lin, MD

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  • njoshi8

    I am so excited to see this release. Especially love that you don’t need Internet access and it gives people the option to create their own cards. Way to go Michelle!

    • Michelle

      Thanks Nikita! I’m pretty excited that the startup company would build this native app for FREE and let me give it out for FREE. Quite generous.

  • Parmy Deol

    Looks fantastic– will circulate to all new trainees in our Department. Many thanks

  • Sabrina Taylor

    I am so impressed with the design and functionality of your latest project! I will be incorporating it into my practice and sharing it with fellow faculty and residents here in Texas. I think it looks great, awesome job Michelle! Perhaps we could collaborate on a new project together? See you at ACEP!

    • Michelle

      Won’t be at ACEP but am always interested in collaborating! Send me an email at Michelle.Lin at Thanks for sharing the app.