Residencies Embrace Twitter: An Educational Movement

Residencies Embrace Twitter: An Educational Movement



The movement of FOAM and #FOAMed may have started in a pub in Dublin in 2012, but it has become legitimized through widespread acceptance. Residencies are also catching onto the idea and eager to collaborate through social media, in particular Twitter. This is evidenced by the use of Twitter accounts on #EMConf as a way to collect educational learning pearls garnered weekly at resident conferences.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch

We here at ALiEM are supportive of all who engage in FOAM, in particular Twitter, as a way to contribute to daily educational conversations. We want to recognize, support, AND kindle the fire of energy that is generated by residencies who are starting to pave the way, symbolized by our special Twitter map

Eventually we hope to see the entire nation and globe lit up with dots symbolizing residency training programs that engage in Twitter. All great ideas may start in a pub, but given the right fuel, can ignite the blaze of an educational movement!

Want your residency program listed? 

If you are a residency program involved in Twitter and not represented by our map, please let us know. Although we only have EM and IM programs, we are looking to gather listings of ALL programs representing all specialties on our map.

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Nikita Joshi, MD

Nikita Joshi, MD

ALiEM Chief People Officer and Associate Editor
Clinical Instructor
Department of Emergency Medicine
Stanford University
  • AfJEM

    What about international residencies?

    • njoshi8

      Absolutely! We eventually hope to get a listing of all programs, eventually we want our map to be a global map, so if you have names of residency programs, regardless of the specialty that is active on twitter then please contact us. You can either message directly onto this comment board, tweet us @njoshi8 or @srrezaie, or click on the link above that says contact us. We really hope to make this a global map!

    • Salim R. Rezaie

      I would like to echo Nikita’s comment. If there are any international residencies be it EM, IM or others and they are active on twitter if you contact me at @srrezaie or on the EM and IM residencies page, I will add you to the map. FOAMed and EMConf is meant to be a global concept not one just specific to the USA. We look forward to other programs contacting us so that we may grow this page to represent the different specialties. Please let us know. 🙂


  • Dan Ostermayer

    At we have created a residency specific portal so that individual residencies can organize institutional and administrative information specific to their program and then have it available on their smartphones. We also believe that there is no better way to contribute to FOAMed than by editing a globally available online reference

    • Michelle

      Hi Dan: Great idea. Sounds like we’re on the same page about globalizing communities on the Graduate Medical Education level. Thanks for sharing your link and keep up the great work at WikEM!