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Most Followed #FOAMed Twitter Users


Twitter-HashtagsAs the Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM; #FOAMed) movement has continued to flourish over the past few years, Twitter has become a vital method for disseminating/discussing educational and clinical content. We thought it would be interesting to see who is being ‘followed’ on Twitter in the FOAM world. Certainly, the metric of Twitter followers does not necessarily correlate with quality. And, it misses newcomers to the FOAM scene and those with a more focused area of expertise/interest. We are more interested in understanding the landscape such as who is involved, geographic locations, areas of expertise, and association with blogs/podcasts.

Our search strategy was simple:

  1. Twitter was searched for all users with #FOAMed, #FOAMcc, #FOAMtox, #FOAMped, #FOAMems, #FOAM4GP, and/or #FOAM in his/her Twitter profile. *
  2. This was cross-referenced with Dr. Mike Cadogan’s (@sandnsurf) FOAMed Twitter list (1,074 members as of May 8, 2015).

Most Followed #FOAMed Twitter Users **

[table id=57 /]

* Those without one of the FOAM hashtags in his/her Twitter profile are not included on this list, even if they produce excellent, free content (eg, Dr. Amal Mattu, @amalmattu).

** Information current as of May 8, 2015.

*** Locations were taken directly from Twitter profiles.


  • Not too surprisingly, Dr. Scott Weingart of the EMCrit podcast leads the way, followed closely by the father of FOAMed, Dr. Mike Cadogan.
  • This list, although only a small subset, seems to be a microcosm of the larger FOAM community.
    • Worldwide representation from Australia to the UK to the USA.
    • A variety of healthcare professional representation including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and EMS providers.
    • Subspecialties within Emergency Medicine are also well represented including critical care, ECG, medical education, pharmacy, radiology, toxicology, and ultrasound.
    • Importantly, only 3 women are featured on the list. We separately highlight the most followed #FOAMed women on Twitter.

Original July 14, 2014; Updated May 8, 2015

Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, FAACT, FASHP

Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, FAACT, FASHP

Chief Science Officer, ALiEM
Creator and Lead Editor, Capsules series, ALiEMU
Attending Pharmacist, EM and Toxicology, MGH
Assistant Professor of EM, Harvard Medical School
Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD, FAACT, FASHP

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  • Hi Bryan – great job with compiling the list. I would make another observation of the lack of female representation on this list. There are women out there active on social media, and yet not so apparent here. Hope that this can change in the future!

    • Ironically, the two I see are both Michelles.. there must be something to that name!

    • Bryan D. Hayes

      This is a great point, Nikita. Stay tuned for our post on Saturday, August 30: The 25 Most Followed #FOAMed Women on Twitter.

  • Christina Shenvi

    Just curious, why do you think there are so few women on the list? If this has been covered elsewhere, feel free to just share the link. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

    • Bryan D. Hayes

      Christina, it’s a great question and I don’t have an answer. I know there was a recent discussion on Twitter related to why so few women were tagged for the How I Work Smarter series.

      I’ll be sending out the tweet for the updated ‘Most Followed #FOAMed Women on Twitter’ list tomorrow morning.

  • Cheng Kai-Wen

    the table of the list of “Most Followed #FOAMed Twitter Users” disappeared @@~

    • Hi there- thanks for letting us know. We recently removed our tablepress WordPress plugin which housed the information. We’re trying to retrieve it and reformat in the post.