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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Backroom Blunder – Expert Review and Curated Commentary


website cpr image 2The Case of the Backroom Blunder presented us with an interesting scenario that riveted readers across the globe.  In this case, Trevor the medical student overhears the conversation of two of his senior colleagues discussing and laughing about a recent resuscitation.  The senior members of the team used terms like ‘frequent flyer’, ‘red underpants’, which greatly upsets Trevor.  In his opinion: “A caring doctor would never talk like that. And the slang? That’s just awful.”  What did the ALiEM community think of this case?  Well, read on to gleam the summaries, or go directly to the blog discussion to read what people wrote!

This month Heather Murray (@HeatherM211) and I (@TChanMD) hosted a MEdIC series discussion around this issue with insights from the ALiEM community  We are now proud to present to you the Curated Community Commentary and 2 our two expert opinions. Thank-you to all our participants for contributing to the very rich discussions last week.  Quite frankly, it was a real treat to see the online community really jump on board to make this discussion so vibrant and rich.  We really appreciated the support everyone has given to the MEdIC Series.  (Honestly, I very much enjoyed reading all the comments, all 120 or so of them!)

This follow-up post includes

  • The responses of our ‘slang and humour’ experts, Dr. Brian Goldman (@NightShiftMD) of CBC’s White Coat Black Art series, and Ms. Liz Crowe (@LizCrowe2) is an Advanced Clinician Social Worker.
  • A summary of insights from the ALiEM community derived from the Twitter and blog discussions
  • Freely downloadable PDF versions of the case and expert responses for use in continuing medical education activities
Expert response 1: Slang and Medical Culture
Expert response 2: We don’t cry in critical care, we tend to laugh and joke and be sarcastic…Why?
The Case of the Backroom Blunder: Curated from the community

Case and Responses for Download

Click Here (or on the picture below) to download the case and responses as a PDF.

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