EM Match Advice: Post Interview Communications

EM Match Advice: Post Interview Communications


With interview season now in full swing this winter season, we gathered a few more of our favorite program directors to discuss the hot topic of making the post-interview communication etiquette. We feature Dr. Jim Colletti (Mayo Clinic), Dr. Jessica Smith (Brown University), and Dr. Jeff Schneider (Boston Medical Center). Thanks again to Dr. Mike Gisondi (Northwestern) for spearheading this innovative and helpful EM Match Advice video series for medical students.

EM Match Advice #6: Post Interview Communications


  • 00:00 Dr. Gisondi introduces the expert panel, the topic of post-interview communication etiquette, and relevant publications.
  • 04:31 Dr. Colletti discusses general NRMP Code of Conduct rules regarding post-interview communication.
  • 09:48 Dr. Colletti starts the discussion on whether students should contact programs after the interview day. Does this make a difference? Does it help or hurt you?
  • 18:28 Dr. Colletti starts the discussion which addresses the question of whether applicants should tell a program that they are #1 on their rank list.
  • 26:52 Dr. Smith launches the conversation about thank-you notes — yes or no? Does it affect how you sit on the program’s rank list?
  • 34:00 Dr. Smith talks about what is “the second look”, whether/when do to it, how to schedule, what to wear.
  • 43:09 Dr. Schneider discusses whether students should expect programs to contact them. If contacted, what does it all mean?!
  • 47:55 Dr. Lin summarizes what she learned from the discussion.
  • 49:44 The panelists discuss pearls and pitfalls, as well their institutional practices on how they handle post-interview communications.
  • 55:53 The panelists talk about something that applicants might not know about their program.


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  • Aharon Benelyahoo

    Dr. Lin and Dr. Gisondi,
    Thank you so much for all your effort in organizing this lecture series. As an applicant, this has been a great resource and has helped me understand the process tremendously.

    • Hi Aharon: We’re thrilled that you found this video series helpful. I learned a lot as well by listing to all the experts (program directors) chat about common questions and dilemmas about the application process. Good luck!

    • Michael Gisondi


      Thank you for the feedback on the series. I am really pleased to hear that folks found it helpful. Best of luck with interviews — and please share where you match? We would love to hear about the student viewer successes in March!