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2014 Annual Report | ALiEM


2014 Annual ReportAs this new year begins, we reflect back on a really incredible year of growth, diversification, and continued innovation. Thanks to the leadership and design expertise of Dr. Teresa Chan and Scott Kobner, the entire ALiEM team chipped in to add relevant content. We are proud to present our 2014 Annual Report, which highlights many projects and collaborations, as well as some behind the scenes insights. Here are the table of contents:

ALiEM 2014 Annual Report

  1. About
  2. Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
  3. New for 2015
  4. The Numbers
  5. The Organization (Partnerships)
  6. Emergency Medicine Update (EM Content, New Submissions, ALiEM AIR, Diagnose on Sight)
  7. Academics Update (Fellowships, ALiEM Scholarship, Scholarship in 2014)
  8. Life Update (Book Club, MEdIC)

Download this file [11.5 MB] or read in the viewer below:

Michelle Lin, MD
ALiEM Editor-in-Chief
Academy Endowed Chair of EM Education
Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Michelle Lin, MD
Michelle Lin, MD

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