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Duarte meets #FOAMed: How I learned that we can give better presentations


Duarte cupWhat medical educator does not dream of improving their lecturing skills?  As a junior faculty member, I aspire to constantly challenge myself to do this better and better. As a part of this quest, I have read ample books that have inspired change in my material – but no one has been more impactful on my lecture skills than Nancy Duarte.

In the summer of 2014, I had the chance to attend the 2-day visual story workshop at Duarte Academy. This course went over both the idea of structuring your presentations effectively and the specifics of a clear visual display. My instructors included Mike Pacchione and Laura Wall Klieves. And yes, we did get to meet Nancy herself and on her birthday, in fact! Of course, the best thing about the course was learning about the Duarte Golden Rule: Never deliver a presentation you wouldn’t want to sit through.

More about my Duarte experience

Bringing a bit of Duarte to the #FOAMed world

The Duarte course was pretty good over all, and I would highly recommend it to other junior lecturers who really want to become better at this craft. But knowing that most of you won’t have the $$ or the time to venture to Sunnyvale, California for 2 days, I thought I would bring a bit of it to you!  In October, I had a chance to interview two of the Duarte course facilitators. Specifically, I spoke with Scott Stiefvaterm and Mike Pacchione.

Bio | Scott Stiefvaterm, Facilitator for Duarte, Inc.
Bio | Mike Pacchione (@mpacc), Facilitator for Duarte, Inc.

Find out what suggestions they had for us poor medical educators that have to deal with such dense, data-driven, and often expansive material all the time!

Actually, in the true spirit of #FOAMed, most of the content that Nancy has published is actually available for free on the internet via the following links:

  1. The Slideology Book
  2. The Resonate Book
  3. Slidedocs Resources
 You can also watch Nancy give a TEDx talk about the concepts behind the Resonate book below.

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