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Diagnose on Sight: Diffuse Desquamating Dermatitis


stevens-johnson syndromeCase: An 84 year old female presents with five days of a diffuse rash. She had a seizure and was started on phenytoin 2 weeks ago. Her mouth, labia, and medial canthi are involved. There are scattered areas of desquamation comprising less than a tenth of her total body surface area. She is tachycardic and febrile. Her complete blood count differential is normal. What is the diagnosis?

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Jeff Riddell, MD

Jeff Riddell, MD

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Jeff Riddell, MD

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  • Gregory Meola, Pharm.D

    A great review of SJS, particularly interesting to me due to the drug-induced nature of the condition.
    I notice that lamotrigine was not on your list of drug-induced causes. Although fairly rare (as with all SJS cases), lamotrigine has been associated with cases of SJS. This is particularly true in pediatric patients, when combined with valproate, as well as when doses are escalated too rapidly.
    Although not all lamotrigine-induced rashes have been diagnosed as SJS, it is another important cause of serious (and sometimes life-threatening) drug-induced skin reactions.

    • jeff riddell

      Excellent point Gregory. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.