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MEdIC Series | The Case of the Unseasoned Senior – Expert Review and Curated Commentary


SMACCLast week, we launched one of the cases which was developed at the ALiEM MEdIC workshop at SMACC 2015. The Case of the Unseasoned Senior brought together learners, teachers, and colleagues from across many disciplines and specialties to discuss professional responsibilities, autonomy, and clinical supervision. We are now proud to present to you the Curated Community Commentary and our 2 expert opinions. Thank-you again to all our experts and participants for contributing again this week to the ALiEM MEdIC series.

This follow-up post includes

  • The responses of our experts, Dr. Brent Thoma and Dr. Jacky Parker
  • A summary of insights from the ALiEM community derived from the blog discussions
  • Freely downloadable PDF versions of the case and expert responses for use in continuing medical education activities
Expert Response 1: Dr. Brent Thoma
Expert Response 2: Dr. Jacky Parker
Community Commentary: Dr. Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos

MEdIC Series Case and Responses for Download

Download the case (469 kb PDF)

medic document

Teresa Chan, MD
ALiEM Associate Editor
Emergency Physician, Hamilton
Assistant Professor, McMaster University
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