EM Match iconYesterday the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) opened its digital doors to medical students applying to ACGME residency programs. So we thought it was a perfect time to host another EM Match Advice Series installment. This time, we focus on the challenges that the non-LCME applicant encounters throughout the ACGME application process. These applicants include:

  1. Students from osteopathic medical schools
  2. Students from non-U.S. medical schools
  3. Applicants who have been in the military service and are returning for residency training
  4. Residents who want to transfer in from another specialty training program.

The Panelists: The Non-LCME Applicant

  • Michael Gisondi, MD (Northwestern PD, host)
  • Merle Carter, MD (Albert Einstein prior PD and soon-to-be Designated Institutional Official)
  • Doug Finefrock, DO (Hackensack PD and Vice Chair)
  • Damon Kuehl, MD (Virginia Tech Carilion PD)
  • Michelle Lin, MD (University of California San Francisco, ALiEM host)


  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:18  Defining the “Non-LCME Applicant”
  • 05:50  Dr. Carter provides advice for DO medical students
  • 27:30  Dr. Finefrock provides advice for international medical graduates
  • 43:30  Dr. Kuehl discusses military servicemen and servicewomen interested EM residency training
  • 53:00  Dr. Kuehl discusses non-EM residents interested in transferring into an EM residency training program
  • 59:51  The panelists try to stump Dr. Gisondi with cool information that he doesn’t already know about their programs.



Smith-Coggins R, Marco CA, Baren JM, et al. American Board of Emergency Medicine report on residency training information (2014-2015). Ann Emerg Med. 2015; 65(5): 584-94. PMID: 25910762


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Michael Gisondi, MD

Michael Gisondi, MD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Residency Program and Medical Education Fellowship Director
Northwestern University
Editor, ALiEM EM Match Advice series
Michelle Lin, MD
ALiEM Editor-in-Chief
Academy Endowed Chair of EM Education
Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Michelle Lin, MD
Michelle Lin, MD

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