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New Year’s Resolution | Post-It Pearls – Back to basics with bedside teaching


post-it notesHappy new year! With so many exciting new blogs and podcasts out there producing wonderful clinical and professional development content, it strikes me that we may be overlooking the critical value that our star bedside clinician-educators provide for medical students and residents. Inspired by the #WhiteboardTeaching photos which Dr. Amal Mattu tweets from his ED shifts, I too started tweeting my own Post-It Pearls (#PostitPearls). In doing so, it has curiously reinvigorated my passion and dedication for bedside teaching. It has also allowed other learners and nurses to share in the teaching and learning. We are constantly on the lookout for something to add to a post-it note. Sometimes low-tech can be the answer in a digital world. Let’s make a new year’s resolution to get back to basics — bedside teaching. Anyone want to join me? Check out some recent photos.

Photos of Post-It Pearls

A downside of Post-It Pearls? Sharing how bad my handwriting is.

post-it pearls 1

post-it pearls 2

post-it pearls 3


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  • Jordana Haber

    Love this concept of Post It Pearls. It’s a great way to keep up with the teaching points on a shift.

  • Belinda Jane

    I use a 3×5 notecard date it, and place four of five points from the shift along with an affirmation during the shift (great intubation, line placement, convo with pt family etc)…and give to the residents…I call them K – cards…and you get one for every shift you work with me. On the other side of the notecard…the resident can write topics they want to look up related to the shift… promotes active and self directed learning….

    • OMG Belinda, I love that idea. Your residents are lucky to have you. What a thoughtful approach to feedback, teaching, and learning. Kudos

      • Belinda Jane


  • Belinda Jane

    Feel Free 🙂