Chief Resident Incubator 2016-17

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What is the ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator?

The ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator provides a virtual online community to foster leadership and innovative skills for emergency medicine Chief Residents featuring educational giants within the specialty as mentors. The curriculum content is structured around a closed digital platform that will engage members to help launch and accelerate career development during their final academic year. This exclusive, Chief-Resident only, year-long virtual community will stoke the fires of creative engagement through collaboration and mentorship.

Mission Statement

The Chief Resident Incubator is a virtual community of practice and scholarship that addresses the unique educational and professional needs of Chief Residents.

Exclusive Partner

We are thrilled to partner with EBSCO Health / DynaMed Plus who are providing an unrestricted educational grant to support the mentorship and education of our future leaders in Emergency Medicine.

Incubator Leadership Team

Maggie Sheehy, MD

Chief Operations Officer
Graduating Chief Resident
Maggie Sheehy is a Chief Resident at University of Illinois Chicago (2015-16). In July 2016, she will be transitioning to a Global Health Leadership Fellowship and obtaining a Masters of Public Health at Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital

Nikita Joshi, MD

Chief Strategic Officer
ALiEM Executive Board
Nikita is an Associate Editor and Executive Board member of ALiEM. She is the Assistant Clerkship Director at Stanford University’s Department of Emergency Medicine.

Adaira Chou, MD

Advisory Board
2015-16 CR Incubator COO

Adaira is the Chief Operating Officer for the 2015-16 ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator. She was an EM Chief Resident at New York University and Bellevue Hospital Center, and is currently finishing her Ultrasound Fellowship and Masters of Education at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Michelle Lin, MD

Advisory Board
ALiEM Editor-in-Chief
Michelle is an Endowed Chair for EM Education and Professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), a previous Associate Program Director, and Editor-in-Chief of ALiEM. She is also a featured podcaster on EM:RAP (LIN Sessions).

Summary Report from 2015-16 Incubator Year

What new things do we have planned for 2016-17?

1. Mentors

Last year we had 12 faculty members who delivered an all-star mentorship experience on Google Hangout catered toward the Chief Resident experience. This year we have have rallied 24 phenomenal faculty mentors from across the spectrum of medicine. They are going to take on the difficult situations you will encounter as chiefs, as well as tackle topics that are rarely taught and addressed in residency. You will get an exposure to a variety of opinions and best practices, all of which are geared to making you a better Chief Resident. See list below for our mentors.

2. Core Champions

A few of our star graduates from the 2015-16 Chief Resident Incubator class are joining this new class to share their lessons learned. Additionally they will help jump start discussions on core areas, such as resident wellness, conferences, and mentorship.

3. Publications and Educational Initiatives

We loved seeing how much the Chief Residents wanted to publish over the course of the 2015-2016 year. We are excited to work on even more opportunities for them to publish together and produce more educational scholarship. 

Take a look at a small slice of what we’ve published this year!

  1. ALiEM blog post on Dear Residents: 10 Things Your Chiefs Want You To Know.
  2. ALiEM blog post on 5 Scheduling Software Options in the Emergency Department: An In-Depth Review.
  3. ALiEM AIR-Pro Series
  4. ALiEM blog post on EM journal club reading list.
  5. ALiEM blog post on White Coat Investor Bookclub.
  6. ALiEM blog post on Dreamland; The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic Bookclub.

4. Updated Custom Curriculum

Based on the feedback from the 2015-16 Incubator members, we overhauled our curriculum to include even more subjects pertinent to the struggles of being a Chief Resident. Each month, Chief Residents will serve on discussion panels with mentors twice monthly on relevant topics including conflict resolution with your residents, your co-chiefs, and your administration; professional development as an upcoming junior faculty; and presentation skills.

5. Individualized Mentorship

“I have gotten too much mentorship” – said no one ever.

Because every person’s needs and experiences as a Chief Resident are different, we are setting up a personalized mentorship program.

6. Ask Questions Anonymously

Although the Incubator is a “safe” environment because it is a closed (non-public) community, we recently added an opportunity for Chief Residents to ask their questions anonymously to the membership and mentors. This began in 2015-16 based on feedback from the Chief Residents, and we will definitely be making this opportunity available again.

What things will we be continuing in 2016-17?

There are many aspects of the Incubator that we will be continuing for 2016-17. The highlights include:

  1. Two major networking mixer events coinciding with the SAEM and ACEP meetings. Based on overwhelming positive responses, these will continue. We also hope to host more informal mixer events at CORD.
  2. Amazon book giveaways on leadership and presentation design
  3. Competition for the opportunity to give Grand Rounds at external institutions — an opportunity typically reserved for  academic faculty only
  4. Facilitation of the ideation process, execution, and dissemination of projects realized by Chief Residents

Which residency programs have Chief Residents enrolled in the 2016-17 Incubator?

Featured Virtual Mentors

We were incredibly selective in inviting quality mentors for each month to meet our curricular needs. They each are superstars, and we are excited that they agreed to advise the EM leaders of tomorrow.

Month Mentor Institution
May 2016 Anand Swaminathan, MD MPH NYU / Bellevue Medical Ctr
Christopher Doty, MD University of Kentucky
Jun 2016 John Bailitz, MD Cook County
Salim Rezaie, MD UT San Antonio
Heidi Kimberly, MD Harvard-Brigham & Women’s
Jul 2016 Tracy Sanson, MD University of South Florida
James Adams, MD Northwestern University
Aug 2016 Jason Wagner, MD Washington University
Dara Kass, MD NYU / Bellevue Medical Ctr
Sept 2016 Rob Cooney, MD MEd Geisinger Medical Ctr
Saadia Akhtar, MD Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Graham Walker, MD Kaiser San Francisco
Oct 2016 Rob Rogers, MD University of Kentucky
Laleh Gharbaraghain, MD Stanford University
Nov 2016 Chris Fox, MD UC Irvine
Stacey Poznanski, DO Wright State University
Dec 2016 Jeff Riddell, MD University of Washington
Felix Ankel, MD HealthPartners Institute / Regions Hospital
Jan 2017 James Willis, MD SUNY-Downstate
Amal Mattu, MD University of Maryland
Feb 2017 Jan Schoenberger, MD LAC-USC
Vicki Noble, MD Harvard-Massachusetts General
Mar 2017 Chrissy Babcock, MD MSc University of Chicago
Eric Morley, MD SUNY Stony Brook

Goodbye boring listserv. Welcome Slack!

Slack-iconSlack, despite its informal name, is an incredibly powerful digital communication platform that has completely revolutionized how the ALiEM Editorial Board works and is the primary means of communication for many technology companies. It has been described as “team communication for the 21 century” and efficiently transforms how teams work. Part of its functionality is that it is very mobile-device friendly. Participation in Slack itself will be the CRs’ first lesson in excelling in the new academic world of digital media and virtual collaborations. Instead of an email listserv, the CRs will be communicating, sharing, and working together in a private Incubator account.

Membership Cost

We are charging the residency program only $200 per Chief Resident for the whole year. That is less than $17 per month. While we would love to host this for free, we need to charge for this year-long mentorship program for many reasons:

  1. Providing a quality longitudinal mentorship experience especially in a virtual arena requires a tremendous amount of time, resources, and commitment on behalf of the Incubator leadership team and ALiEM Editorial Board. We are not building a one-day event but rather a true ongoing virtual community of practice.
  2. We are hosting an invite-only Chief Resident Incubator Kick Off event at the 2016 SAEM meeting on Thursday, May 12, 2016 in New Orleans, LA to launch the 2016-17 academic year.
  3. The ALiEM team has extensive experience in mentorship and being academically successful using social media and digital technologies. We plan to extend these resources, opportunities, and networks with the chief residents.


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