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ALiEM Fellowship Incubator


Update: The 2016-17 Fellowship Incubator concluded in June 2017 with no current plans for renewal.

What is the Fellowship Incubator?

The Fellowship Incubator (or Fincubator for short!) is one of ALiEM’s newest endeavors, an online virtual community created specifically for Emergency Medicine Fellows, with the goals of promoting Mentorship, Scholarship, and Innovation.

Longitudinal Mentorship
Each month, a new Pair of Virtual Mentors will teach and mentor Fellows through an innovative curriculum of “Stuff I Wish I Had Learned in Fellowship”. Plus we’ll have additional year-long mentors in every single subspecialty, guiding you through the year.
Unparalleled Innovation
The Fincubator is a network of motivated and engaged Fellows in Emergency Medicine, ready to become leaders in Emergency Medicine. It broadens horizons by providing opportunities and networking outside the bubble of a single institution.
Collaborative Scholarship
The Fincubator brings together Fellows in Emergency Medicine from every subspecialty, creating scholarship networks within subspecialties as well as allowing Fellows to cross-pollinate ideas with Fellows outside of their own disciplines.

As a Fellow, why should I join?

Who else will be there?

This year we welcome fellows from around the world in the following disciplines…


What will I learn?

Over the course of the program, we’ll be covering a ton of topics applicable to all Fellows, regardless of their subspecialty.

June The Politics of Joining a New Institution
July Getting started with Scholarship
August Creating your own “Personal Board of Directors”
September Being a Mentee and Becoming a Mentor
October Branding Yourself and Establishing Your Niche
November Beyond MD: Non-Traditional Careers
December Demonstrating the Value of Your Scholarship
January The Secret Power of Networking
February Faculty Development: What is it? Why do you need it?
March Clinical Education Tricks-of-the-Trade
April How to be Efficient, Organized, and Well
May Welcoming Next Year’s Fellows

Incubator Leadership Team

  • Glenn Paetow, MD: Chief Operations Officer (Hennepin County)
  • Jeff Riddell, MD: Chief Scholarship Officer (University of Washington)
  • Michael Gisondi, MD: Chief Strategy Officer (Northwestern University)

Incubator Advisory Board

  • Adaira Chou, MD: Senior Advisor (Brigham and Women’s)
  • Nikita Joshi, MD: Senior Advisor (Stanford University)
  • Michelle Lin, MD: Senior Advisor (UCSF)

Featured Virtual Mentor Duos

We were incredibly selective in inviting quality mentors for each month. We are excited to confirm the following month-long Virtual Mentor Duos:

  • Dara Kass, MD and Teresa Smith, MD
  • Victoria Brazil, MD and Louise Cullen, MD
  • Rob Rogers, MD and Salim Rezaie, MD
  • Laleh Gharahbagian, MD and Resa Lewiss, MD
  • Ernie Wang, MD and Michelle Sergel, MD
  • Simon Carley, MD and Natalie May, MD
  • And Many More

Perks? Yep, lots of ’em.

  • Fellowship Networking Social Events at SAEM and ACEP 2016
  • Grand Rounds Speaking Opportunities
  • Team-Based Innovation Competitions
  • Publication Opportunities
  • Lots of free give-aways over the 12 month program
  • and last but not least…

In collaboration with Rob Rogers MD, we are excited to offer one lucky Fellow a trip to The Teaching Course this year! This is a 3-day intensive course on medical education, social media, technology and digital design. The 2016 Teaching Course will be in New York City, from November 14th to the 16th.

Exclusive Partner: Call9

We are thrilled to partner with Call9 who are providing an unrestricted educational grant to support the mentorship and education of our future leaders in Emergency Medicine

Goodbye boring listserv. Welcome Slack!

Slack, despite its informal name, is an incredibly powerful digital communication platform that has completely revolutionized how the ALiEM Editorial Board works and is the primary means of communication for many technology companies. It has been described as “team communication for the 21 century” and efficiently transforms how teams work. Part of its functionality is that it is very mobile-device friendly. Participation in Slack itself will be the Fellows’ first lesson in excelling in the new academic world of digital media and virtual collaborations. Instead of an email listserv, the Fellows will be communicating, sharing, and working together in a private Incubator account.

Membership Cost

Enrollment fee is $200 for the whole year for each Fellow. That is less than $17 per month! While we would love to host this for free, we need to charge for this year-long mentorship program for many reasons:

  1. Providing a quality longitudinal mentorship experience especially in a virtual arena requires a tremendous amount of time, resources, and commitment on behalf of the Fellowship Incubator leadership team and ALiEM Editorial Board. We are not building a one-day event but rather a true ongoing virtual community of practice.
  2. We are hosting an invite-only Fellowship Incubator Launch event at the 2016 SAEM Annual Meeting on Thursday, May 12, 2016, to launch the 2016-17 academic year.
  3. The ALiEM team has extensive experience in mentorship and being academically successful using social media and digital technologies. We plan to extend these resources, opportunities, and networks with the Fellows.

How do I apply?

Sorry! The 2016-2017 Fincubator session is coming to a close and is no longer accepting applications.


  • Application Form
  • Letter of Intent
  • Updated CV
  • Letter of Acceptance to an Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program
  • To help us tailor your Incubator experience best, we would like to know:
    1. What are you most nervous about as you begin your fellowship?
    2. Any projects that you are planning on starting this year.
    3. What other medical interests do you have outside of your own Fellowship?
    4. Tells us about one big idea you’ve been thinking about that could only be done by coordinating with every other Fellow in your subspecialty.