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Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF
Medical Director, San Francisco EMS Agency
Medical Officer, DMAT CA-6

EMS Fellowship: 10 Questions I Wish Applicants Would Ask the Fellowship Director

Ambulance1drybrushWell, it is EMS fellowship interview season again, and every year after the lovely encounter with very well qualified candidates, I am left wondering if they have achieved a good return on their investment of time and money coming to visit us. Did they really get a good idea of the important aspects of our program, or will they just have to make an educated guess about whether they would be happy spending a year or more with us?


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Free Study Guide for EMS Board Exam

EMS SymbolThe faculty and fellows of the UCSF EMS/Disaster Fellowship Program met monthly over the past 2 years to to write a study guide for for the EMS Medical Board exam based on the National Association of EMS Physician’s (NAEMSP) seminal textbook Emergency Medical Services: Clinical Practice and Systems Oversight [Amazon link] (Kendall Hunt Publishers, David C Cone, Robert E O’Connor and Raymond L Fowler, Series Editors, 2009). We condensed approximately 1,800 pages into 69 pages with a simple format: summary of material and take home messages to help improve our EMS system. (more…)

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