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Best Of

The ALiEM blog encompasses a wide array of clinical and medical education topics in Emergency Medicine in this new era of open-access learning and collaboration. The following are the best of the 1,000+ blog posts since 2009.

Paucis Verbis (PV) cards

Anaphylaxis is one of the most under-appreciated and under-treated conditions in the Emergency Department. A common misperception is that you need hypotension to diagnose it. Immediate administration of IM epinephrine is critical. Read more…

EpiduralPediatric head trauma decision rule to CT (PECARN study group)
This a particularly relevant topic given the recent press and discussions about CT irradiation and the cancer risk especially in pediatric patients. Read more…


Tricks of the Trade

flexion_supinationNursemaid elbow reduction
Parents bring in their child because they pulled on their arm, and now the child is not using it. Parents are thoroughly convinced that the child’s arm is either broken or dislocated. We all recognize this as radial head subluxation or “nursemaid’s elbow” and immediately attempt to reduce it. The provider takes the injured arm, supinates at the wrist and flexes at the elbow. Does the child scream? What if nothing happens? Is there an alternative technique to reducing a nursemaid elbow? Read more…

Photo1_MacbladesmPeritonsillar abscess aspiration
When evaluating a patient with a sore throat and “hot potato voice,” peritonsillar abscess (PTA) is at the top of the differential diagnosis list. As with all abscesses, the definitive treatment involves drainage of pus. This can be done either by incision and drainage or, more commonly, by needle aspiration. Read more…


Clinical Topic Review

NG lavage: Indicated or outdated?
Nasogastric lavage (NGL) seems to be a logical procedure in the evaluation of patients with suspected upper GI bleeding, but does the evidence support the logic? Most studies state that endoscopy should occur within 24 hours of presentation, but the optimal timing within the first 24 hours is unclear… So what are the arguments for and against NGL? Read more…AdenosineVial

Is the 6-12-12 adenosine approach always correct?
The ACLS-recommended dosing strategy of 6 mg, 12 mg, and 12 mg for adenosine may not be appropriate in every situation. There are a few instances when lower or higher dosing should be considered. Read more…


Social Media and Technology

WorldPeopleBuilt a 20-person worldwide educator panel in two hours
Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts to an enthusiastic crowd of UCSF preclinical medical students on one of my favorite topics “Technology and Social Media in Emergency Medicine”. … I posted a question to the Twitter community to help me convince the students about the value of FOAMed in medical education. Why should medical students participate? What’s the value? Read more…

twitter_2012Survey: Why do you use Twitter?
I recently got a comment on the blog asking why people need to use Twitter, if they’re already following blogs. I thought I would open this up to the blogosphere. I personally use my Twitter account (@M_Lin) for a variety of reasons. Read more…


Medical Education

stethoscopeIs it time to trash the stethoscope? The age of ultrasound
It is important to do and teach a thorough physical exam. I cautioned against the overreliance on diagnostic testing in lieu of a physical exam, which can be initially burdensome and prolonged. But perhaps our difficulty with the physical exam is not the exam itself, but the tools that we have at our disposal to perform an exam, rather than the exam itself. Read more…

YodaSmTop 10 reasons why Yoda would be a terrible mentor and teacher in Medicine
This is based on an article from GeekWire that lists the top ten reasons why Yoda would make a terrible teacher. Let’s see if I can make a derivation and convert these reasons as to why Yoda would make a terrible mentor/teacher in medicine. Read more…



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