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20 10, 2013

Patwari Academy Videos: Evidence Based Medicine (part 4)



Dr. Rahul Patwari is a one-man statistics teaching machine. In part 4 of this Evidence Based Medicine series, he reviews advance concepts in statistics and calculations including: case-fatality rates, crude mortality rates, specific-mortality rates, years of potential life lost, and direct and indirect age adjustments.


6 10, 2013

Patwari Academy videos: Evidence Based Medicine (part 2)



In part 2 of this Evidence Based Medicine series by Dr. Rahul Patwari, more advanced statistical concepts are reviewed. These concepts include ROC curves, screening tests, probability (multiplication and addition rules) and the binomial theorem. Sounds daunting but these short videos really condenses the concepts into digestible lessons.


29 09, 2013

Patwari Academy videos: Evidence Based Medicine (part 1)



Across the medical profession, an essential skill is to be able to understand and interpret original research publications to guide your evidence-based practices. Dr. Rahul Patwari reviews the basics of statistics, specifically sensitivity and specificity, predictive values, probability, and the tradeoff between sensitivity and specificity.


22 09, 2013

Patwari Academy videos: LVADs



Complications from left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) increasingly account for Emergency Department visits. What are LVADs? They are a short-term, artificial, circulatory device which performs the function of a very poorly functioning heart. It is important to understand the myriad of complications that can arise and the general approach to patients with an LVAD. These two short videos by Dr. Rahul Patwari summarize these in a nutshell.