Patwari Academy videos: ACLS (parts 4-6)

Below are the next 3 video installments of Dr. Rahul Patwari’s digital whiteboard talks on ACLS. These videos cover:

  • Cardiac arrest (Vfib and Vtach)
  • Cardiac arrest (More of Vfib and Vtach)
  • Cardiac arrest (Asystole and PEA)

I love that each video is less than 15 minutes long. Also, even if you aren’t a medical student, these are great refreshers. For instance, don’t forget that atropine is no longer on the 2010 ACLS algorithm for asystole.


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New video series for med students: The Patwari Academy

Similar to Salman Khan of the Khan Academy, which is famous for “flipping the classroom”, Dr. Rahul Patwari is a one-man innovating machine at Rush University’s Department of Emergency Medicine. He has been creating digital whiteboard “chalktalks” on common EM conditions for the past year, which target the senior medical student. These 2-15 minute videos are way too amazing not share with the EM community of learners. I bet these would be really great supplemental learning material for EM medical students everywhere.


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