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SplintER Series: I Declare a Thumb War

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  A 39-year-old female presents to the emergency department with right thumb pain after falling in a skiing accident. On exam, there is mild swelling and tenderness on the ulnar aspect of the 1st MCP joint. Additionally, there is laxity with valgus stressing of the 1st MCP joint. An x-ray is obtained and shown above (Image 1. Provided by Alex Tomesch, MD). [+]

SAEM Clinical Image Series: Chronic Back Pain

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A 52-year-old male with a past medical history of prostate cancer status post radiation therapy 10 years prior presents to the emergency department (ED) with the chief complaint of low back pain worsening over the past year. He characterizes the pain as a “dull, aching stiffness” associated with decreased motility. Vitals: BP 128/82; HR 72; RR 18; T 37°C General: Alert and oriented MSK: Decreased range of motion of the lumbar spine with flexion; Heberden’s and Bouchard’s nodes on multiple fingers Neurologic: Within normal limits with no focal motor or sensory deficits appreciated; deep tendon reflexes [+]

SAEM Clinical Image Series: Pediatric Rash

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A previously healthy 8-year-old female presents to the pediatric emergency department due to a rash. Her symptoms started three days prior to presentation with a painful rash on her lower extremities. The rash subsequently spread to the buttocks and upper extremities, and she developed intermittent diffuse abdominal pain, a nonproductive cough, and pharyngitis. The patient denies subjective fever. Known sick contacts include the patient’s mother, who tested positive for COVID-19 two and a half weeks prior.   Vitals: T 98.5°F; HR 93; BP 115/68; RR 16; O2 sat 100% on room air Constitutional: Well-developed and in no [+]

SAEM Clinical Image Series: A Young Woman with Chest Pain

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A 35-year-old female with a history of intermittent palpitations who is three months post-partum presented to the emergency department (ED) with three days of sharp, substernal chest pain radiating down her left arm. She reportedly had a normal electrocardiogram (ECG) at an outside hospital on the first day of symptoms. The pain returned and was associated with one episode of vomiting the night prior to presenting to our ED. Initial ECG on arrival is shown. Vitals: Tachycardic; afebrile; normotensive; no tachypnea or hypoxemia on room air General: Mild distress, appears uncomfortable Cardiovascular: Tachycardic to 100s, regular [+]

Trick of Trade: Large-Bore Endotracheal Tube To Suction the Occluded Airway

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The paramedics just arrived with a new patient to the resuscitation room. You find an altered patient actively vomiting bloody vomitus and food particles. You prepare for a difficult airway. You prepare 2 Yankauer suction catheters, but you are still worried that the food particles may clog up the catheters. Is there a better alternative? Background Up to 44% of emergent intubations are complicated by blood, vomit, or food particles in the airway. It has been shown that contaminated airways may lead to multiple intubation attempts and are associated with poor outcomes, such as peri-intubation cardiac arrest [1, 2]. The [+]

Trick of the Trade: Persistent Paracentesis Leakage 2.0

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You’re seeing a patient returning to the ED after a recent diagnostic paracentesis. The patient is complaining of persistent peritoneal fluid leakage. They’ve tried putting pressure with no success. You tried applying a medical adhesive glue and noticed it was unsuccessful, based on the patient’s gown continuing to get wet with ascites fluid. Now what? Trick of the Trade: Pressure Gauze and Transparent Film Dressing   The medical adhesive glue trick was proposed in the Trick of the Trade 1.0 version by Dr. Borloz and Dr. Lin in November 2012.  Materials Needed MaterialQuantityBenzoin tincture1Gauze 2" x 2"1-2Transparent Film Dressing (Tegaderm) [+]

SAEM Clinical Image Series: A Rapidly Spreading Rash

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A 40-year-old male with a past medical history of HIV presented for evaluation of a non-pruritic rash. Six days ago, he suddenly felt a stinging sensation at the back of his head and neck similar to a bug bite. He then noticed bumps were starting to form and developed a shock-like pain in the area. Three days ago, the rash spread from the back of his head towards his chest. Yesterday, the rash spread further and now extends medially and upwards covering most of his left neck and ear. The pain continued to worsen, at which point the patient [+]

Simplified Dosing Scheme for DigiFab® in Acute Digoxin Poisoning

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Background Treatment of digoxin toxicity can be quite complex and generally involves the use of digoxin immune Fab (DigiFab®) for symptomatic patients. The dosing of DigiFab can vary depending on the amount ingested, serum concentration, and/or suspected chronicity of toxicity. Alternatively, for an acute ingested of an unknown amount where the serum concentration is not available, it is recommended that 10 vials of DigiFab be administered empirically. This antidote is expensive (~$5,000 per vial) and not always readily available in every hospital. Given the complicated dosing and cost, alternative dosing strategies are being explored. Evidence Researchers from Australia first proposed [+]

IDEA Series: DIY Suture Kit Station

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In medical training there is a lack of simulation based activities including procedural labs. Suturing is a critical skill for trainees to master in the emergency department. However, supervised practice is needed prior to suturing a real patient for the first time. This innovation allows early trainees to master suturing while on shift, using easy to find materials, which increases procedural competency and confidence. This activity allows the teacher to assess and correct the trainees procedural skills prior to attempting to suture a real patient. Name of innovation This Do-It-Yourself Suture Kit Station incorporates easy to find materials available in [+]

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SplintER Series: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

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A 45-year-old man presents to the emergency department with chest pain after a high-speed motor vehicle accident where his sternum hit the steering wheel. You notice an area of ecchymosis noted over his sternum, so you decide to get a CT scan (Figure 1). Figure 1. Case courtesy of Dr Henry Knipe, Radiopaedia.org, rID: 26332   [+]