New favorite blog: Wishful thinking in medical education

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Wishful Thinking in Medical Education I recently came upon this great blog by Dr. Anne Marie Cunningham, a general practitioner and Clinical Lecturer at Wales, UK. She has some really insightful posts about education, its future, and the use of new technologies. This blog has been in existence since 2008. Just as interesting are the tons of comments that she gets from a spectrum of readers. Check it out! She is also extremely active on Twitter with over 2,000 followers (@amcunningham).  

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Work in progress:Translating videos into Vietnamese

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Sometimes you just have to be lucky to get projects done. In anticipation of our Vietnam trip in October to teach clinical decision software to pediatricians (KidsCareEverywhere), we are kicking preparations into high gear. One of my tasks is to create new KCE-PEMSoft training modules not only in English but also Vietnamese. And no, I do NOT speak a lick of Vietnamese.  [+]

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Essential tool for academicians: Cordless presenter

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In academic medicine, you inevitably will need to give presentations. This may include giving lectures on clinical topics, summarizing your research findings, or presenting your meeting agenda. Usually these are displayed using a laptop and a LCD projector. Depending on the room, you may or may not be provided a cordless presenter. [+]

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Blog’s one year anniversary

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The blog is already one year old! What started initially as a little educational experiment has now evolved into a potentially long-term endeavor. It was initially built as a sort of personal journal of what I’ve learned and read about in the field of academic emergency medicine and educational technologies. Now I’ve it focuses on academics, clinical emergency medicine (Paucis Verbis cards), faculty and resident development, and technologies. [+]

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Sketchcasting on What Drives Us

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I recently came across a new means of online teaching and information delivery called sketchcasting. The premise isn’t new. It combines a podcast (someone speaking) with visuals (images). In sketchcasting, the images are instead someone drawing on a virtual whiteboard in real-time to convey information. I recently found a sketchcast with stop-motion and speed-up effects, which really made the presentation dynamic and super-engaging. This sketchcast by Dan Pink (Author of “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us”) was created by the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA). [+]

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Poll: How do you recover from a night shift?

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There are so many amazing things that we get to see and do as emergency physicians. We see sick, undifferentiated patients who need our help acutely. We have cool toys, such as ultrasounds. We get to do great procedures. We work on a shift-based schedule. We work in team-based fashion with fun nurses, technicians, and staff. However, one major down side is that almost all of us work some night shifts. [+]