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Troubleshooting the Crashing Patient with a Tracheostomy

Patients presenting to the ED with respiratory distress and a tracheostomy can unnerve almost any provider, and management is often fraught with preventable errors.1,2 This recognition has led to the development of treatment algorithms from groups including the U.K. National Tracheostomy Safety Project to improve the safety and quality of care for patients with tracheostomies.3 Use the ABC-Ts mnemonic to help you perform a focused tracheostomy evaluation and troubleshoot in a stepwise, systematic manner while waiting for your [...]

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AIR-Pro: Toxicology (Part 1)

Welcome to the Toxicology (Part 1) AIR-Pro Module. Below we have listed our selection of the 10 highest quality blog posts related to 5 advanced level questions on toxicology topics posed, curated, and approved for residency training by the AIR-Pro Series Board. The blogs relate to the following questions: Flumazenil in benzodiazepine overdose Acetaminophen – drawing and timing of levels Opioid overdoses Acetaminophen toxicity related to liver transplant Salicylates and hemodialysis In this module, we have 6 AIR-Pro’s and 4 Honorable Mentions. [...]

Nov 14, 201211, 2012

Take the quiz: Do you know your antihypertensive agents?

Identify the antihypertensive agent: 1. Rapid acting systemic and coronary artery vasodilator with minimal effects on cardiac conductivity or inotropy. Well studied in pregnancy. Caution in patients with left ventricular failure, liver cirrhosis [...]

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APPLY NOW: 2016 Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) Education Fellowship Program

The Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) conference named the Cosmopolitan Hotel (Las Vegas, NV) its new home as of October 2015. The conference is one of the largest live EM educational conferences in the world with over 2,000 attendees. The conference organizers, led by Dr. Paul Jhun, are again offering an amazing opportunity for U.S. EM residents to serve as an EEM Fellow for the next EEM conference in May 10-12, 2016. […]

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I am Dr. Mike Mallin: Co-Host of Ultrasound Podcast: How I Work Smarter

In this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we are featuring Dr. Mike Mallin (@UltrasoundPod), who is half of ultrasound education royalty with Dr. Matt Dawson, who was featured last week in this series. Mike’s work is impressive and I often cite and quote his 2014 publication in Academic Medicine entitled “A survey of the current utilization of asynchronous education among emergency medicine residents in the United States” [Pubmed]. Genius idea for a paper, [...]

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