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ALiEMCards: The Red and Painful Eye

There is significant overlap among conditions that cause a red, painful, or red AND painful eye. Having trouble keeping them all straight? Need a refresher before heading in to see a patient with a new eye complaint? Check out our brief, practical ALiEM Cards on the topic: The Painful Eye (Author: Puja Gopal, MD) The Red Eye (Author: Michelle Lin, MD) Eye Differential Diagnoses (Author: Puja Gopal, MD) […]

Apr 29, 201504, 2015

AIR Series: GU/Renal Module 2015

Welcome to the eighth ALiEM Approved Instructional Resources (AIR) Module! In an effort to reward our residents for the reading and learning they are already doing online we have created an Individual Interactive Instruction (III) opportunity utilizing FOAM resources for [...]

Find it hard to keep current with all the new clinical updates? Get caught up on key evidence-based guidelines, clinical pearls, and patient-centered recommendations for your patients in Emergency Medicine.

Nov 6, 201211, 2012

Trick of the Trade: Persistent paracentesis leakage

Dr. Matt Borloz (Carilion Clinic) recently emailed me his recent trick in fixing a persistently leaking paracentesis site. Read about his experience: A patient with advanced alcoholic cirrhosis with ascitic fluid leaking from a paracentesis [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Join the ALiEM Fellowship Incubator: The “Fincubator”

We are thrilled to announce our newest project in the Incubator series, the ALiEM Fellowship Incubator! Modeled after and building on lessons learned from the Chief Resident Incubator, the “Fincubator” is aimed at all Fellows in Emergency Medicine, regardless of what subspecialty they are pursuing, with the goals of promoting mentorship, scholarship, and innovation. […]

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I am Dr. Matt Dawson – Co-Host of Ultrasound Podcast: How I Work Smarter

In this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we are featuring one half of ultrasonography royalty, Dr. Matt Dawson (@UltrasoundPod), who has dominated the EM ultrasound world along with Dr. Mike Mallin (who is featured next week!). I am always impressed with how Matt can do it all – create, podcast, publish e-books and journal articles, and email responsively. Take a read of his practical pearls, although now I no longer wonder how he manages to [...]

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