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ALiEM Cards: Keeping the Sepsis Definitions and Criteria Straight

In 2015 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) adopted the Sepsis Bundle Project, which is a quality improvement project aimed at reducing sepsis mortality by increasing compliance with national guidelines. But the CMS definitions of sepsis, differ from those is prominent trials (ProCESS, ARISE, ProMISE), and have since diverged from the Surviving Sepsis Campaign definitions, which may be different from your hospital guidelines! Also what are the criteria for SIRS, SOFA, qSOFA? The ALiEM Card [...]

Apr 10, 201504, 2015

ALiEM Bookclub: The Art of Choosing

“Choice is how we go from who we are today to who we want to be tomorrow.” Most people likely do not know Sheena Iyengar. However it is likely that you know about [...]

Apr 9, 201504, 2015

Announcing the ALiEM-AgileMD Educational Design Fellowship

Based on the successes of our 2014-15 ALiEM-EMRA (for medical students), ALiEM-CORD (for residents), and ALiEM-AAEM Young Physicians fellowships, we are thrilled to be launching the 2015 ALiEM-AgileMD Educational Design Fellowship! The application process for this virtual [...]

Apr 8, 201504, 2015

PV Card: Acute Salicylate Toxicity

Patients with acute salicylate toxicity can rapidly decompensate and require clinicians to understand the pathophysiology of what is going on. First a respiratory alkalosis occurs with non-specific symptoms of vomiting and dizziness. Then an [...]

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Diagnose on Sight: Case of a red, swollen neck

Case: A 78 year-old female with a past medical history of asthma and hypothyroidism presents with a three day history of sore throat and a two day history of a “lump” along the right side of her neck. The “lump” has now progressed to involve both sides of her anterior neck and is accompanied with erythema, tenderness to palpation, and swelling. In addition, the patient has developed a hoarse voice and odynophagia. The patient’s primary care [...]

Sep 21, 201209, 2012

PV Card: Electrolytes and ECG changes

The electrocardiogram can pick up all sorts of electrolyte abnormalities. The most common abnormalities revolve around high and low levels of potassium and calcium. Magnesium derangements typically have nonspecific findings. How do you [...]

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ALiEM Faculty Incubator: Top 5 reasons we are excited about this opportunity for educator-scholars

There is a great need for faculty development, also known as professional development, in medicine and more specifically medical education. A recent JGME publication advocates for more online opportunities for faculty to join digital communities of practice and communities of inquiry to harness the power of experts and mentors worldwide [free PDF]. With our recent successes with the Chief Resident Incubator, which includes over 170 EM chief residents in North America, it was only a [...]

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ALiEM Bookclub: A History of Present Illness

“Late that afternoon, Quentin jogged along the Crissy Field promenade without paying much attention to the dogs frolicking on the beach or the windsurfers leaning low on their boards off Fort Point. Since Ralph was on call and not coming home, he reheated leftover spaghetti for his dinner and curled up on their bed with a textbook to study the surgical management of hip fractures. He would have liked to read about the nonsurgical management of [...]

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