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Call to EM residents: Apply to join the 2018 Wellness Think Tank

This is a call to action for residents who have the creativity and passion to make life better for all trainees. The 2017 Wellness Think Tank survey of more than 1,500 EM residents found that, on average, 15 out of every 16 residents are struggling with burnout. It’s time to change that! We are looking for motivated residents to be a part of a one-of-a-kind grassroots movement to create a better and more sustainable culture [...]

Find it hard to keep current with all the new clinical updates? Get caught up on key evidence-based guidelines, clinical pearls, and patient-centered recommendations for your patients in Emergency Medicine.

PV Card: Introduction to ED Charting and Coding

What makes a good chart? How do you write a good chart quickly? How about a good, efficient, billable chart? On average, residents and practicing physicians report they did not receive adequate training in charting and coding1–3 and resident charts are more often down-coded due to documentation failures than those of attendings and PAs.4 Thankfully, resident education in charting has improved over the past 15 years,5 and a little learning goes a long way to improve confidence6 and competence.7 [...]

Aug 31, 201208, 2012

Paucis Verbis: Delayed sequence intubation

A 40 y/o man presents with significant agitation and severe respiratory distress from a COPD exacerbation. His oxygen saturation is 75% on room air, and he has diffuse, tight wheezes on exam. You prepare [...]

Everything you need to survive and thrive in academia, focusing on professional development across the spectrum of life-long learners including medical students, residents, and faculty

MEdIC Series: The Case of the Cackling Consulting Resident – Expert Review and Curated Commentary

The Case of the Cackling Consulting Resident presented us with an interesting scenario that spurred quite an interesting discussion. In this case, we discussed a scenario where a consulting resident laughs when asked to admit a patient for social reason. What did the ALiEM community think of this case? Well, read on to gleam the summaries, or go directly to the blog discussion to read what people wrote! […]

Being a well-rounded healthcare professional goes beyond just knowing the scientific facts. Get inspired about your wellness, staying healthy, improving your efficiency, and finding a balanced work-life integration.

I am Amal Mattu, ECG nerd and author of Emergency ECG Video of the Week: How I Work Smarter

As this series has progress, we have received a multitude of nominations for call-outs. One of the most popular requests was to have Dr. Amal Mattu (@amalmattu) share his efficiency secrets. Amal has blanketed the world of continuing medical education with didactics and workshops on ECG interpretation and faculty development skills. He authors the extremely popular Emergency ECG Video of the Week series and hosts a monthly EMCast podcast for He also the Consulting Editor for Emergency Medicine [...]

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