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Infographic: Sepsis and Septic Shock

The definitions of sepsis and septic shock continue to evolve, but the management, including resuscitation and early antibiotics, remains a core skill of any successful EM provider. Dr. Augusto Saldana Miranda reviews these points, adding some parchment flare to his submission. […]

Apr 1, 201504, 2015

Lipid Rescue: Why Aren’t We Using It?

Though lipid rescue sounds like something from a junk food detox regimen, it’s one of the most exciting developments in emergency management of drug overdose in the last 20 years. Unlike charcoal which can [...]

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Trick of the Trade: Ear Irrigation in the Emergency Department

Ear irrigation is an important tool for adult and pediatric patients in the Emergency Department (ED) with ENT complaints. Irrigation can be used to clear ear cerumen, visualize tough-to-see tympanic membranes, and remove foreign bodies. This may reduce the need for subspecialist care and improve the patient’s hearing and quality of life.1 Commercial electronic and mechanical devices are available for irrigation and have been studied. Moulton and Jones presented the improved efficacy of foreign body [...]

Aug 24, 201208, 2012

Paucis Verbis: CHF likelihood ratios

A 50 y/o man with a history of CHF and COPD is brought in by ambulance in severe respiratory distress. He is sitting upright with a RR 30 and O2 saturation of 79% [...]

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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Cackling Consulting Resident – Expert Review and Curated Commentary

The Case of the Cackling Consulting Resident presented us with an interesting scenario that spurred quite an interesting discussion. In this case, we discussed a scenario where a consulting resident laughs when asked to admit a patient for social reason. What did the ALiEM community think of this case? Well, read on to gleam the summaries, or go directly to the blog discussion to read what people wrote! […]

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I am Dr. Anand Swaminathan – Co-Creator for EM Lyceum & Omnipresent Educator: How I Work Smarter

In this new installment in the “How I Work Smarter” series, we are featuring Dr. Anand Swaminathan (@EMSwami), who seems to have infiltrated all educational digital platforms that we use. As the faculty reviewer for the evidence-based EM blog EM Lyceum, regular contributor for the EM:RAP podcast, associate editor for the REBEL-EM blog, and Editor for R&R for the Life in the Fast Lane blog, he also serves as the Assistant Program Director for the NYU/Bellevue EM residency program in [...]

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