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Social Media Index (SM-i) – BETA

Academics have created indices to compare both scholars (h-index) and journals (Impact Factor) within a given field. The websites that contribute to the creation of Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) do not have a comparable parameter. This makes assessing the impact of each website challenging for both content producers and their supervisors. Additionally, learners may find it difficult to distinguish between reputable and unproven websites.

The Social Media Index (SM-i) was developed to address these problems. It is a comparative index derived from three easily obtainable indicators including: Alexa Rank (of the website), Twitter Followers (of the most prominent editor), and Facebook Likes (of the website’s page). For each website these three indicators are normalized and added together to give a score ranging from 0 to 10. The details of the derivation and validation of the SM-i are outlined in a freely available article recently published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.

SMi - westjem

(DOI: 10.5811/westjem.2015.1.24680)

Changes in the online world have required further revision to the SMi formula since data collection for the WestJEM article in 2013-14. Specifically, Google has quit updating PageRank which prevents its inclusion in future versions of the SMi. As outlined in the WestJEM article, Alexa correlated quite highly both with metrics of journal impact (when applied to medical journals) and PageRank. Additionally, almost every website had a value. For these reasons we have elected to double the weight of the Alexa Rank in the calculation to replace the contribution of PageRank. The calculation of the Alexa Rank component has also been modified slightly by fixing the lowest ranking websites to a value of 0 for that indicator (this change increases the range of values and makes it more consistent with the other variables). In the future we will be monitoring how these changes affect the SMi in the interests of making it a helpful and user-friendly metric.

Incorporating these changes, the formula used in this version of the SMi is:

SMi equation

Where max = maximum value, min = minimum value, site = value for a particular website.

Data for this version of the SMi was collected on March 14th, 2015. In the near future (we are aiming for a launch date of May 1, 2015) data collection will be automated and the SMi will be published on a monthly basis. As this is a BETA version, we would appreciate your assistance in correcting any errors (Did we miss an Alexa Rank, Twitter Account, or Facebook page? Is our data inaccurate?) or omissions (Should your website be on the list?). They can be reported most easily using the Google Form below. Feedback on the SMi can also be provided by commenting on this page, commenting on blog posts about the SMi, e-mailing Brent Thoma, or tweeting @Brent_Thoma.

Social Media Index (March 14, 2015)

1Life in the Fast Lane6716122107289.39
2Academic Life in EM2799332200377.23
4EMS 12 lead85510964988626.54
5Don't Forget the Bubbles31517313865.86
6Emergency Medicine Cases6601629116795.83
8Dr Smith ECG15234616188985.57
9The Poison Review868392110935.35
10Intensive Care Network1316638026105.35
11St. Emlyns84481142625.27
13The Nurse Path21711713170805.07
14EM Lit of Note105448703245.01
15Ultrasound Podcast2177627011334.85
16Boring EM109927803304.84
17REBEL EM161138987844.84
18The SGEM156824629204.77
19Resus ME229276174804.69
20EM Updates134232272424.67
21EM Lyceum160647971254.52
23EM Docs11595694774.47
25Free Emergency Talks7634485334674.36
26ECG Experts161774182105404.25
28EM Basic492752085004.19
31Taming the SRU347912524453.97
33Emergencypedia 25611989603.83
34Rogue Medic1378298633.71
35PedEM Morsels943174603.65
37Emergency Medicine Ireland1547420303.52
38PEM Blog51045981443.36
40ED Exam1370616992993.34
41EM Curious53421244583.34
42Critical Care Practitioner1222315112023.28
43Broome Docs2140338503.26
44Everyday Medicine2650462721283.24
45Tox Talk1328116501643.22
46EMJ Club72868301053.21
47KI Docs2248298903.20
48Anaesthesiology and Critical Care1523114003.20
50Trauma Professionals blog2310250203.14
51Simulation Training in EM92732394343.07
52EM Nerd171791103.06
53The PEMNetwork68721563533.05
54EM Res Podcast2201319461153.01
55Sinai EM8391518852.98
56RAGE podcast5983953002.98
57A life at risk160684443122.94
58Sinai EM Media2268108402.93
59ICU Rounds2779310932092.90
61Western Sono10775475742.83
62Manu et Corde3092130102.80
63EM Tutorials257078902.78
65Maryland CC Project195137002.75
66EM Iceland168922102.71
70PEM ED4849183402.66
71Expensive Care25589686972.65
72EM IM Doc6910332302.64
73Rural Flying Doc5691197402.60
74Rollcage Medic27793899602.59
75Edwin Leap5958203702.58
77Wessix Intensive Care Society4735113402.54
7960 Second EM17307834032.54
83EM cases381762802.50
84Those Emergency Blues5093101302.48
86Emergence Phenomena250020302.45
87The Sono Cave511188902.44
88EM Journey526492002.44
89 tjdogma 340137002.43
90ER Mentor5708101802.43
92Resus Review525082102.41
95Rural Docs13089298902.34
96The Medial Approach259213902.33
97The Chart Review520453702.31
98EM in 5690883502.29
99Flipped EM Classroom812682702.21
100Adventure Medicine554741102.21
101The EDE Blog21077294222.20
103The Short Coat19199272402.17
104Thinking Critical Care 573837102.16
106Smart EM5285012742.13
108Emergency Room Nurse24285002.11
109Dr Sam Ko17501175202.09
110Clinical EM739333702.02
111Auckland HEMS841541702.02
112SoBro EM1426290302.00
113Emergency Education1807677101.87
114The Blunt Dissection24190108401.85
115EM Armamentarium27793104801.79
117EM REMS861915901.76
118Sim and Choppers2779391201.76
119Ivor Kovic2512977001.75
120ECG of the week1952549501.73
121 Asystole 2743578201.72
122First 10 EM61406901.70
123Champagne Tap2769556401.64
124Dr Cottles Desk1632625501.62
125Sask Sonic2572946801.61
126Hennepin Ultrasound2779359131.59
127Kentucky EMIG1854725401.57
129Paediatric EM2685534401.52
130EM Dutch2779335801.52
131Improving Care in ED42551301.46
132Paterson ER1912317101.46
133Global Emergency Medicine2728227401.46
134PEM Literatures2779324901.42
136Priceless Electrical Activity2779322101.39
137EM Broad Spectrum142287301.35
139SCGH ED1653001.33
140EM Education175565601.21
141HNE ED230607701.19
142Twitter Mass Casualty277938601.15
143Reviews and Opinions277934000.96
144Receiving: The Place for Emergency Medicine3938000.82
145VENN of EM277932300.82
146ED informatics8380000.46
147Emergency Medic13965000.25
149Emergency WebNotes15137000.22
150My Emergency Medicine Blog15400000.21
152ER RN16561000.19
153ER Nurses Blog17649000.16
154ER Jedi19408000.13
155Anesthesia - ICU23418000.06
156Broad Complex27793000.00
157Critical Care in the ED27793000.00

*Sites without an Alexa Rank score were given the maximum rank (the same as the lowest ranked website).

Brent Thoma, MD MA
ALiEM Associate Editor
Simulation Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Emergency Medicine Resident at the University of Saskatchewan
Editor/Author at
Brent Thoma, MD MA