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Coaching for Faculty: The Secret to Unlocking Professional Success

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Dr. Garcia is a freshly minted faculty member at Big Name University Medical Center. She's excited to have finally finished residency and dive into her career as a full time (and fully paid) attending. After spending her first year acclimating to the new department and achieving board certification, Dr. Garcia finds herself at a bit of a crossroad. She likes teaching, but are not sure residency or medical student education leadership is for her. The same goes for clinical operations and research – interesting, but there hasn’t been any “a ha” moment to illuminate her calling. She heard that [+]

  • Fork in Road Disappearance of FOAM blog podcast

The Fall of FOAM

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The landscape of emergency medicine and critical care (EM/CC) blogs and podcasts has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. The number of free, open-access EM/CC blogs and podcasts has plummeted. As reported by Lin and colleagues in JMIR Education (2022), these sites decreased in number from 183 in 2014 to just 109 this year– a drop of 40.1% [1]. via GIPHY This comes after a period of rapid growth of these educational resources in the late 2000's [2], with expectations that new sites would continue to come online. It is unclear when the combined number of EM/CC blogs [+]

Need your help: A master list of free EM and Critical Care blog and podcast sites

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Calling all who read or listen to emergency medicine/critical care (EM/CC) blogs or podcasts. In 2014, we helped to publish the master inventory of free open-access medical education (FOAMed) resources spanning the period of 2002-2013 [1]. In that publication, we demonstrated an exponential rise of both blogs and podcasts with 141 blogs and 42 podcasts (total 183 sites). In 2019, the Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) team identified 251 active sites. But where are we at now? Why create an EM/CC master list of sites? Most of the time, we encounter new resources by word-of-mouth or through Google search [+]

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The 1440 Doctor: Achieving Precision Focus – 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Attention Muscle

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If you're like most people, your mind wanders. You may be sitting down to finish your charts, make that presentation (or write that blog) and your mind is off thinking about what you're making for dinner or the fact that you need to call the plumber. Our minds wander and lose focus more often than we think. A study by Harvard psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert showed that our brains spend 46.9% of our waking hours in wandering mode, focusing on something other than the task at hand. That leaves only 53.1% of your attention going to what it’s [+]

Dear emergency physicians: We see you

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https://youtu.be/jtGM-BUp_no The COVID-19 pandemic has placed incredible stress and strain on the personal work lives of emergency physicians. We have endured these almost 2 years of misinformation, PPE shortages, fear, frustration, grief, and death. So much going on in the world politically and socioeconomically, we at ALiEM wanted to share a message that WE SEE YOU. We're with you, and we're in this together. Credits Thank you for the tireless work on this video by animator Spencer Evans, who is a soon-to-be-emergency physician attending medical school currently at the University of Colorado. Also thanks to the entire ALiEM team for [+]

How I Work Smarter: Simiao Li-Sauerwine, MD

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One word that best describes how you work? Efficiently! Current mobile device iPhone 12 Computer MacBook Air What is something you are working on now? I'm working on a research study examining the impact of EM faculty demographics on learner evaluations. How did you come up with this Idea/Project? I've always been interested in the impact of implicit bias on physician professional development and advancement. We use learner evaluations of attendings for promotion, for compensation, for recognition with departmental awards. So, I was interested to know how the demographics of a faculty member might impact a resident's expectations of [+]

How I Work Smarter: Al’ai Alvarez MD

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One word that best describes how you work? Compassion Current mobile device iPhone 12 Computer MacBook Pro What is something you are working on now? Where do I begin? The pandemic has opened doors for virtual talks and conferences, so I’m just taking it week by week sometimes. I’m also doing a fellowship, the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign Faculty Fellowship. I’m learning how to apply design thinking to well-being interventions in the ED, and hopefully collaborating with other high-performance teams. I am also co-directing a conference in May 2022 on High-Performance Resuscitation Teams. How did you come up [+]

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The 1440 Doctor: How to Unplug While Working From Home

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When we are scheduled for a clinical shift, we are well aware of our work hours for the day (and any added charting time afterwards). However on our academic days working from home (WFH) the separation between work and leisure time becomes more blurry.  Harvard Business Review studies found that being on the road can help people switch gears between home and work (1). Blake Ashforth et al. in “All in a Day’s Work: Boundaries and Mirco Role Transitions'' writes about the importance of the transition between work to non-work, including “boundary-crossing activities,” such as putting on work clothes and [+]

  • Improving Your ED Efficiency ALiEMU

Improving Your ED Efficiency: Upgrade This Elusive Skill

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No specialty in medicine requires “efficiency” more than Emergency Medicine (EM). Being able to seamlessly and quickly move between tasks is a necessary skill to function in the Emergency Department (ED). The controlled chaos and many moving parts can be overwhelming to new learners in the department and takes dedicated time and experience to overcome. Along with learning the necessary medical knowledge, efficiency expertise is crucial to becoming a high-performing emergency physician. Unfortunately, there is minimal formal training on how to maximize efficiency skills, leading many new EM learners (e.g. medical students and junior residents) having to troubleshoot and create [+]

Holiday Gift Guide for ALiEM Readers: Top 5 Favorite Tech Tools

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Technology continues to integrate with our life -- for better and worse. Our team felt that the following 5 tech tools added value and joy to our lives, and so we are sharing with you. These also make great gifts for the emergency physician or healthcare provider in your life this holiday season. Blinkist is a professional book summary subscription service that condenses key points from non-fiction books into 15-minute reads. This is an efficient way to catch with all those books that you have been putting off. The Headspace app is one of the frequently used mindfulness app in [+]