Chief Resident Incubator: Legacy Edition

In 2015, we launched the Chief Resident Incubator aka “CRincubator”, providing Emergency Medicine (EM) Chief Residents with a virtual, online, leadership community to learn and share with each other, framed by a year-long longitudinal curriculum and with the help of elite mentors. However, we realized that we were losing hidden gems of wisdom from year to year, as new Chief Residents start each academic year despite local hand-offs between the incoming and outgoing Chiefs.

Why the CRincubator: Legacy Edition?

We have pivoted away from the annual CRincubator communities and evolved into the CRincubator: Legacy Edition. We have also moved away from the Slack-based platform to our Meerkat Mobius forum model, built using the open-source Discourse platform. It is the first large-scale community we are launching on Meerkat Mobius for the healthcare community.


If is free to join, but it is only open to the following individuals in the field of EM:

  1. Chief residents
  2. Residency leadership faculty, such as (associate/assistant) residency directors

The private invitation links were sent to the residency programs, which belong to the CORD listserv. If you feel that you are eligible but did not receive an invitation, please contact us with your residency program coordinator email so that we can confirm your eligibility.

Getting Started

The site can be accessed via the desktop browser and/or the free Discourse app [iOSGoogle Play]. Be sure to enter the site name ( on the app to get started. Because this Discourse platform is a relatively new app for many, most select the email notification for new posts and weekly summaries.

CRincubator Legacy Team

<h2>Christian Rose, MD</h2>

Christian Rose, MD

Chief Operating Officer,
Meerkat Mobius

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine,
Stanford University
<h2>Carl Preiksaitis, MD</h2>

Carl Preiksaitis, MD

Chief Technology Officer,
Meerkat Mobius

Emergency Medicine Resident,
Stanford University
<h2>Michelle Lin, MD</h2>

Michelle Lin, MD

Senior Advisor,
Meerkat Mobius

Professor of Emergency Medicine,
University of California, San Francisco

CRincubator Legacy Editor: The Mob Mentors

These elite mentors have been, or are, EM Chief Residents, Program Directors, and/or prior Chief Resident Incubator Leaders.

  • Layla Abubshait, MD (Einstein Health Care)
  • Leonardo Aliaga, MD (UC Davis)
  • Al’ai Alvarez, MD (Stanford University)
  • Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE (McMaster University)
  • Tanner Gronowski, DO (USACS)
  • Erin Karl, MD (University of Nebraska Medical Center)
  • Michael Gisondi, MD (Stanford University)
  • Adaira Landry, MD, MEd (Harvard Affiliated EM Residency)
  • Simiao Li-Sauerwine, MD MS (The Ohio State University)
  • Michelle Romeo, MD (NYU/Bellevue)
  • Dave Somers, MD (St. Joseph’s Medical Center)
  • Fareen Zaver, MD (University of Calgary)
Michelle Lin, MD
ALiEM Founder and CEO
Professor and Digital Innovation Lab Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Michelle Lin, MD


Professor of Emerg Med at UCSF-Zuckerberg SF General. ALiEM Founder @aliemteam #PostitPearls at Bio:
Michelle Lin, MD