How-I-Podcast-Smarter-LogoWe are back this week with a new “Working Smarter” mini-series on Podcasting. An increasing number of individuals and residency programs are starting podcasts, but it’s not always obvious how to get started. What hardware is needed? What’s the workflow? What are the pitfalls? To help answer these questions we picked the brains of 9 star Emergency Medicine podcasters (@FOAMpodcast, @srrezaie, @TheSGEM, @stemlyns, @embasic, @Core_EM, @EM_Educator, @EMtogether, @EMCasesand asked them to share their secrets. From dead simple set-ups to semi-professional studios, you’ll learn from veterans how to get your voice out to the public, and do it well. In this first installment, we review podcasting gear: the hardware and software you’ll need. The next installment will go over the production work-flow for taking a podcast from an idea to a finished product.

FOAMcast Logo

Founding Cast: Jeremy Faust (@jeremyfaust) & Lauren Westafer (@LWestafer)
Hardware : Blue Yeti + Pop Filter, MacBook Air
Software: Skype, Call Recorder, Garage Band
Publishing: Libsyn

FOAMCast Gear Details --------- Complexity: +

rebelcast_logo2 sml

Founding Cast: Salim Rezaie (@srrezaie)
Hardware: Macbook Pro, Rode Podcaster Microphone
Software: Garage Band, Skype, & Skype Recorder
Publishing: Libsyn


R.E.B.E.L Cast Gear Details --------- Complexity: +
The Skeptics' Guide to EM

Founding Cast: Ken Milne (@TheSGEM)
Hardware: Yeti Blue Mic + Pop Filter, Macbook Air
Software: Skype, & Skype Recorder, Quicktime, GarageBand, Audacity 

The Skeptic Guide to Emergency Medicine Gear Details --------- Complexity: +


ERCast EMRAP logos

Founding Cast: Rob Orman (ERCast) (@emergencypdx)
Hardware: Heil PR-40 + Pop Filer x2, iMac
Software: Audacity, WordPress
Publishing: Libsyn

ERCast / EM:RAP Gear Details --------- Complexity: +


Stemlyns logo

Founding Cast: Simon Carley (@EMManchester ) & Iain Beardsell (@docib)
Hardware: Blue Yeti, ZOOM h2, Rode Podcaster
Software: Audio Hijack, Audacity, Garage Band, Auphonic
Publishing: Podbean

St. Emlyn's Podcast Gear Details --------- Complexity: +


EM Basic logo

Founding Cast: Steve Carroll (@embasic)
Hardware: Blue Yetti USB Mic, Macbook Pro 13 inch,
Software: Audacity
Publishing: Libsyn, wordpress, hostgator

EM BASIC Gear Details --------- Complexity: +


Founding Cast: Anand Swaminathan (@EMSwami)
Hardware: Hail PR40 Mic + Pop Filter, Shure X2U Signal Adapter
Software: Skype + Skype Recorder, Sound Studio, Audacity, Levelator, Auphonic, Blubrry

CORE EM Gear Details --------- Complexity: ++

teaching course - wildcast EM logo Founding Cast: Rob Rogers (@EM_Educator)
Hardware: Neumann Condenser and Heil PR40 Mics + Pop Filter, 552 Sound Mixer, Zoom F8 Field Recorder, Macbook Pro, Acoustic Foam
Software: Sound Studio
Publishing: SoundCloud

Teaching Course Podcast-Wildcast EM Podcast Gear Details --------- Complexity: ++

Peds Emerg Playbook Logo

Founding Cast: Tim Horeczko (@EMtogether)
Hardware: Shure SM7B Mic, DBX 285s Pre-Amp, Zoom H4N Recorder, IKEA Bookcase + blankets
Software: Audacity
Publishing: Libsyn

Pediatric Emergency Playbook Gear Details --------- Complexity: ++

EM Cases Logo

Founding Cast: Anton Helman (@EMCases)
Hardware: Heil PR40 + Heil PR22 + Audio Technica AT2020 Mics + Pop Filter, Triton FetHead Pre-Amp, Focusrite Audio Interface, Zoom H6 & F8 recorders, MacBook Pro, Persian Rugs,
Software: Audacity, Cast, Skype + Skype Recorder, GarageBand, Auphonic Leveler, Blubrry
Publishing: SoundCloud

EM Cases Gear Details --------- Complexity: +++
EM Cases Full Gear List
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