Top 10 tips to building a productive academic team

 Screen Shot 2012-05-17 at 2.59.20 AMI have been meaning to share this list of great tips about building a productive academic team. Major projects often require an interdisciplinary team of experts who are equally motivated towards a shared goal. I was recently at the 2012 Society of Academic Emergency Medicine where Dr. William McGaghie gave an inspiring CDEM keynote speech. He has been on a myriad of successful academic teams and he shared with us his top 10 list of pearls for team-building.


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SAEM 2010 (June 2-6, 2010)


The Society of Academic Emergency Medicine’s (SAEM) annual meeting starts this week. Instead of my regular posts, I thought I’d try using the Twitter widget to post real-time, first-hand accounts and photos from the conference.

SAEM is a very dynamic and productive conference, where academicians in Emergency Medicine meet to pow-wow about the future of our specialty.

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