Below we have listed our selection of the 8 highest quality blog posts related to 3 advanced level questions on cardiovascular topics posed, curated, and approved for residency training by the AIR-Pro Series Board. The blogs relate to the following questions:

  1. Advanced concepts about Sgarbossa’s Criteria
  2. Troubleshooting pacemaker’s and automated implantable cardioverter defibrillators (AICD’s)
  3. Troubleshooting left ventricular assist devices (LVAD’s)

In this module, we have 5 AIR-Pro’s and 3 Honorable Mentions. To strive for comprehensiveness, we selected from a broad spectrum of blogs identified through

AIR-Pro Stamp of Approval and Honorable Mentions

In an effort to truly emphasize the highest quality posts, we have two subsets of recommended resources. The AIR-Pro stamp of approval will only be given to posts scoring above a strict scoring cut-off of ≥28 points (out of 35 total), based on our AIR-Pro scoring instrument, which is slightly different from our original AIR Series scoring instrument. The other subset is for “Honorable Mention” posts. These posts have been flagged by and agreed upon by AIR-Pro Board members as worthwhile, accurate, unbiased, appropriately referenced, and have a score of 26-27. All posts will still be part of the quiz needed to obtain III credit. To decrease the repetitive nature of posts relating to these advanced concepts, we did not always include every post found that met the score of ≥28 points.

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Cardiovascular Module 2015: Recommended III credit hours

2.5 hours (20 minutes per article)

AIR-Pro Cardiovascular Reading

Article TitleAuthorDateLinkTitle
Making Sense of Sgarbossa’s Criteria – Chest Pain and Left Bundle Branch Block – Part 2Tom BouthilletApril 27, 2015ECG Medical Training, Sgarbossa Part 2AIR-Pro
Making Sense of Sgarbossa’s Criteria – Chest Pain and Left Bundle Branch Block – Part 3Tom BouthilletApril 27, 2015ECG Medical Training, Sgarbossa Part 3AIR-Pro
Sgarbossa CriteriaMike Cadogan & Chris NicksonJuly 1, 2012Life in the Fast Lane: SgarbossaHonorable Mention
Is there value in testing troponin levels after ICD discharge?Chris Targett & Tim HarrisFeb 26, 2014Best BetsAIR-Pro
Temporary Pacemaker TroubleshootingChris NicksonAugust 18, 2014Life in the Fast Lane: PacemakersHonorable Mention
MagnetChris NicksonMay 7, 2014Life in the Fast Lane: MagnetsHonorable Mention
Left Ventricular Assist DeviceSalim RezaieMay 29, 2014REBEL-EM: LVADAIR-Pro
LVAD Patients: What you need to knowSumintra WoodJuly 24, 2015EMDocs: LVADAIR-Pro

Optional Background Reading

The following table contains links to basic/background knowledge that may be helpful to review prior to reading these more advanced-level blog posts. These are not part of the III quiz.

Article TitleAuthorDateLink
Making Sense of Sgarbossa’s Criteria – Chest Pain and Left Bundle Branch Block – Part 1Tom BouthilletApril 23, 2015ECG Medical Training, Sgarbossa Part 1
Pacemaker Rhythms – Normal PatternsJohn Larkin & Ed BurnsJanuary 12, 2012Life in the Fast Lane: Normal Pacemakers


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