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52 Articles in 52 Weeks (2nd edition, 2016)

Maintaining lifelong learning is challenging, especially when trying to keep up with all of the journal publications in emergency medicine (EM). In 2013, we published a compilation of 52 journal articles, which interns could read over a 52-week period, at an average pace of 1 journal article per week. In the list below, we present an updated compilation for the “52 Articles in 52 Weeks” initiative.


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ALiEM Bookclub: The Art of Choosing

Art Of Choosing

“Choice is how we go from who we are today to who we want to be tomorrow.”

Most people likely do not know Sheena Iyengar. However it is likely that you know about her famed “jam study.” In this study she had a tasting table at a grocery store with either 24 varieties of jam, 6 varieties, or only gourmet jam. Although the larger display was able to attract more customers, the customers from the smaller selection were 10 times more likely to purchase jam. This study stood in contrast to the assumption of retailers that more choice is better.


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