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ALiEM’s Greatest MEdIC Hits for New Academic Faculty: A Curated Collection of 8 Cases

Ok, while we congratulated the senior residents in our last piece, but let’s be honest, YOU (the junior faculty members) are the ones who TRULY should be congratulated. You’ve survived residency, and now you’re the boss!

You’re probably sighing with relief at the moment. But eventually, you’ll ask yourself: “Now, what’s next?” Well, yet again, the ALiEM MEdIC team has some resources for you!


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ALiEM’s Greatest MEdIC Hits for New Senior Residents: A Curated Collection of 10 Cases

senior residentsWhile we congratulated and welcomed the interns with the list of Greatest Hits for Interns, it’s high time we actually congratulate and welcome you… the new Senior Residents! You’ve toiled through call shifts on off-service rotations,  you’ve worked hard reviewing cases with junior residents and getting grilled you about the latest esoteric facts by the seniors!  And now, you’re going to be in charge of other other residents!?!  You are probably equal parts excited and scared… but more to the point you may be wondering – How does one actually be a great senior resident? Well we have some resources for you!


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MEdIC Series | The Case the FOAM Faux Pas – Expert Review and Curated Commentary

rss podcast iconThe Case of the FOAM Faux Pas has stimulated interesting discussion over the past week. The FOAM community clearly was interested in discussing this issue, and it most definitely showed. We are now proud to present to you the Curated Community Commentary and our two expert opinions. Thank-you again to all our experts and participants for contributing again this week to the ALiEM MEdIC series.


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