DIY Ultrasound Model: Airway

This page summarizes do-it-yourself (DIY) ultrasound models for the airway. Read more on the DIY ultrasound model compendium.

A Simple, Inexpensive Phantom Model for Intubation Ultrasonography Training​1​

MaterialsBeef gelatin or ballistic gel
Estimated Cost$5 for beef gelatin, $27 for ballistic gel


As endotracheal intubation confirmation with point of care ultrasound (POCUS) becomes more prevalent, the authors describe a low-cost model for learners to identify an esophageal versus a tracheal intubation. The beef gelatin model was a block with 2 tubes cored out with a 10 mL syringe. One core is removed or left in place to simulate a single or double lumen sign. Per the authors, the beef gelatin model was more realistic but only lasted a few days whereas the ballistic gel model lasted for months.

Updated April 23, 2019


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    Seguin J, Tessaro MO. A Simple, Inexpensive Phantom Model for Intubation Ultrasonography Training. Chest. May 2017:1194-1196. doi:10.1016/j.chest.2017.02.014
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