DIY Ultrasound Model: Genitourinary

This page summarizes do-it-yourself (DIY) ultrasound models for the genitourinary system. Read more on the DIY ultrasound model compendium.

Inexpensive Gelatine Models for Early Pregnancy Teaching

Impress Women’s Health (July 2017)
MaterialsGelatin, balloons, grapes
Estimated CostNot provided


This model is created with 2 different density gelatins. The gelatin uterus can be filled with water balloons of various sizes to simulate the gestational sac and grapes can be used as the fetus. I suspect if the surrounding gelatin mold were made large enough a canal could be carved out to allow for transvaginal assessment as well.

Updated April 21, 2019

Dallas Holladay, DO

Dallas Holladay, DO

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Dallas Holladay, DO


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