DIY Ultrasound Model: Procedure – Target Practice

This page summarizes do-it-yourself (DIY) ultrasound models for teaching procedures that require “target practice”. Read more on the DIY ultrasound model compendium.

A Novel Phantom for Teaching and Learning Ultrasound-Guided Needle Manipulation​1​

MaterialsBowl, gelatin, pea pod
Estimated CostNot provided


A pea pod is injected with 1 ml of normal saline and then placed inside a bowl, filled with gelatin and then chilled to set. The pod provides an ultrasound target to practice needle manipulation. Authors suggest putting the gel on a light table so the model can be periodically transilluminated to provide real time feedback to the learner.

POCUS “Operation Game” Foreign Body Challenge

Dr. Gordon Johnson (published Jan 27, 2019)
MaterialsFirm tofu, lumbar puncture needle, Operation game [Amazon], soldering iron, foreign body
Estimated CostNot provided


This model is created by removing the clips from a standard Operation game and soldering a lumbar puncture needle to the wiring from the game board. Another insulated wire is soldered to the metal board. The other end is soldered to a metallic foreign body such as a screw. The screw is then placed in the tofu, from the bottom. The learner then uses ultrasonography to visualize the needle until it connects with the foreign body, completing the circuit and setting off the game board buzzer.

Updated April 21, 2019


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    Sultan SF, Iohom G, Shorten G. A Novel Phantom for Teaching and Learning Ultrasound-guided Needle Manipulation. Journal of Medical Ultrasound. September 2013:152-155. doi:10.1016/j.jmu.2013.08.001
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