Dr. Michael Bond (@DocBond007), who has probably one of the coolest Twitter handles, is a well-respected and well-established educator in the field of Emergency Medicine (EM). Because many of us are perplexed how he is able to publish a book on Orthopedic Emergencies [Amazon link] alongside co-editors Drs. Andrew Perron and Michael Abraham as well as serve as the EM residency director at the University of Maryland. So we were thrilled from Dr. Rob Rogers tagged Mike on a previous How I Work Smarter post. Mike was kind enough to send along his responses.

  • Bond_MichaelName: Michael C. Bond, MD
  • Location: University of Maryland School of Medicine​
  • Current job: Program Director
  • One word that best describes how you work: Technology
  • Current mobile device: Apple iPhone 5S​
  • Current computer: Apple iMac 27″ 5K, and MacBook Pro 15″​

What’s your office workspace setup like?

I use a two monitor display to make it easier to see more information at the same time. Makes it easy when writing, and referencing a paper, editing, or looking through 1000’s of residency applications.​

Bond Office

​In the photo, please note the Terrapins Tart Warming for maintaining a pleasant aroma, the diet coke can for fluids, and the M&Ms dispenser for a quick sugar high when head-nodding is getting excessive.​

What’s your best time-saving tip in the office or home?

Touch it once and move on. I try to read and email and archive it or make it a ToDo and schedule time to get it done.​

What’s your best time-saving tip regarding email management?

I use Gmail with the ActiveInboxHq add-in ($39.95/yr). The add-in allows me to assign statuses to emails very efficiently so they are quickly created into todos, I can also mark them to be watched if I am waiting on a response, send an email later (so it does not look like I am really working at 3 am), and assigned labels with ease. With ActiveInbox my inbox is normally at Zero.  Also works in unison with the Mailbox App so you can have the same options on the go.​

What’s your best time-saving tip in the ED?

I try to write notes (yeah we are still on the T-System) in the room with the patient, and then keep them all with me on a clipboard so I can update. Moving to Epic soon, and the use of DOT phrases will be key to documenting well and quickly.​

ED charting: Macros or no macros?

​None yet.​

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about work, life, or being efficient?

Just do it… Often we spend too much time planning or procrastinating. Just sit down, get started, and it will be done before you know it. Schedule time for writing, reading emails, and most importantly time for family, loved ones, and relaxation. Give yourself permission to have time to do nothing at all (sleep does not count).​

Who would you love for us to track down to answer these same questions?

  1. ​Jeff Kline
  2. Judd Hollander
  3. Carey Chisholm ​


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