How awesome would it be if there were EM residency programs at the University of Washington and UCSF-SF General Hospital?!

This has been the question for decades. In 2006, I had the pleasure of seeing the UCSF-SFGH program become a reality. And now it’s the University of Washington’s turn. It is close to becoming a reality. It is really one of the last powerhouse institutions which does not have an EM residency program.

The Univ of Washington EM residency’s Program Director is helmed by my superstar friend, Dr. Fiona Gallahue, and will be a 4-year program. The ACGME (accrediting organization) has already site-visited the program. Short of an unforeseen snafu, I can’t imagine that it won’t be approved for a start year of 2011-12. The program will find out the official answer on February 14, 2011.

I can attest that there’s nothing like that first-year’s class in a new residency program. You have to be comfortable being a trail-blazer, leader, guinea pig, and all-around go-getter.

So in the likely event that they are approved by the ACGME, the residency program is accepting applications outside of the ERAS system. If you are a senior medical student applying into EM, you might consider sending your application to them. They’re a worth a look-see.

Here are the instructions on how to apply

While we are not listed on and are not accepting applications via ERAS, the process is quite simple.  Applications will be submitted directly to the University of Washington Emergency Medicine residency office and will include the same elements as those submitted through ERAS.  Our interview season is mid-November through mid-January.  For any questions regarding the residency or the application process, please contact either Fiona Gallahue at f[email protected], or call or e-mail Samantha Groom (Program Manager) at 206-744-2556 or [email protected].  

Further information about our residency is also available on our website:    

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