Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN)

The ever-productive PECARN collaborative has published ground-breaking research on pediatric emergency care which is applicable to physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, prehospital personnel, and pharmacists in the fields of emergency medicine and pediatrics. This ALiEM page features open-access resources featuring PECARN publications and teams across different modalities.


Podcast Episodes

DatePodcast EpisodeSiteBrief summary
06/15/18PECARN 01: DKA and Cerebral Edema | NEJM authors Dr. Nathan Kuppermann & Dr. Nicole GlaserALiEMHosted by Dr. Derek Monette (ALiEM Deputy Editor in Chief), this podcast discusses the hot-off-the-press New England Journal of Medicine publication on diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), fluid resuscitation, and cerebral edema. Authors Dr. Nathan Kuppermann and Dr. Nicole Glaser explain the importance of their groundbreaking RCT and challenge the theoretical association between IV fluids and the development of cerebral edema during pediatric DKA treatment.
09/27/18PECARN 02 (Dr. Tzimenatos): Urinalysis Accuracy for UTI in Febrile Infants ≤60 Days OldALiEMIn this PECARN series, Dr. Jason Woods discusses the sensitivity and specificity of the urinalysis for febrile infants ≤60 days old with the first authors of the 2018 Pediatrics article, Dr. Leah Tzimenatos.
06/19/19PECARN 03 (Dr. Kuppermann): New PECARN Infant Fever RuleALiEMHost Jason Woods discusses the new PECARN Infant Fever Prediction Rule with lead author Dr. Nate Kuppermann. They review how this rule is different than its predecessors, understanding recursive partitioning, and how/when to use this rule in clinical practice.


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