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With the COVID-19 pandemic underway, residencies and educators across the country are suddenly wondering how to structure didactics and conference time to be remote. has long been a leader in remote teams, and we hope to give guidance and resources to anyone who needs it during this time. Come check back regularly to this page as we live update the best in both archived content as well as new content in the light of a rapidly progressing situation.

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Due to #covid19 many teaching hospitals are trialing virtual conference for weekly didactics. Below are speakers who have stated they would be interested in virtual speaking to fill education gaps that our conferences may have. ALiEM is compiling a list real time, feel free to reach out below directly if you’re interested in what they have to say!

Speaker Nomination Form: To nominate yourself or a colleague for a remote talk, apply here!

EM Conference Dates and Times

Submit your EM Conference information to help facilitate conference collaborations. Courtesy of @ericshappell – Thank you!

ALiEM Connect

A 2-hour, live, free educational telecast with a moderated Slack backchannel discussion and attendance check-in form.

Resources for Hosting Virtual Conferences


  • Free account:
    • Up to 100 participants
    • Up to 40 minutes/meeting
  • Paid Account ($15/month):
    • Up to 100 participants
    • Up to 24 hours/meeting
  • Zoom Support & Tutorials

Resources for Running Live Sessions

This area is still rapidly evolving. In addition to checking this page, check for updates regarding new resource development from these organizations:

Individualized Interactive Instruction (III)

Interactive Instruction (III). Many programs already have systems in place for III, however current circumstances may call for an increased use of this method of instruction. While many educational resources may be used for III, ALiEMU is a free and well-suited platform for this purpose. Links to multiple ALiEMU series are included below, as well as the CORD Education Committee’s publication on best practices for using III.

CORD Best Practices

III Resources

Asynchronous Learning Resources

There are dozens of high-quality resources for asynchronous learning available. This is just a small sample of resources from our organizations and is not meant as a comprehensive list.

If there are additional resources that we have missed, please contact us at [email protected].

Our #REMOTE Series

Jan 18, 201301, 2013

Lost in translation: What counts as asynchronous learning?

By |Jan 18, 2013|Categories: Medical Education|Tags: |2 Comments

Reiter et al 1 just published a review on Individual Interactive Instruction also known as asynchronous learning in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. They chronicled the events in 2008 that led CORD (Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors) to recommend integration of individual interactive instruction into the residency curriculum. The summary recommendations by Sadosty et al 2 discuss components, strengths, and weakness of both asynchronous and synchronous learning paradigms along with background about Malcolm Knowles and andragogy. [+]

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