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On behalf of the ALiEM Wellness Think Tank (WTT), we are thrilled to announce our partnership again with Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM). On May 13, 2019 during the WTT Resident Wellness Day (an EEM preday event featuring acclaimed author Dr. James Dahle of White Coat Investor fame), we also will launch the first-ever Wellness Innovation Plenary Session focusing on residency-level initiatives. This is your chance, as a resident, to give an oral presentation at a national conference. Deadline: January 7, 2019.

Wellness Innovation Plenary Session Event Details

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
May 13, 2019
Preday event to Essentials of Emergency Medicine

Also are you going to be attending the SAEM 2019 meeting already? This is a special year where both these conferences will both be in Las Vegas in the same week.

Has your residency tried something new to improve resident wellness? Was it a #WellnessWin or a #WellnessFlop? Submit your abstract detailing your #WellnessWin or #WellnessFlop. There are 10 oral presentation speaker slots (5 winners from each category). Let’s not reinvent the wheel by learning from each others’ successes and setbacks. Often setbacks can lead to the most informed improvements.

All other quality entries will be eligible to submit a digital poster.


All current residents are welcome to submit an abstract to the Wellness Innovation Plenary Session.

Abstract Submission Format and Submission

  1. Goal: Describe the specific aim of this innovation and what motivated the innovation.
  2. Background: Explain the particular problem or issue that was addressed.
  3. Team: Describe who was involved in the innovation.
  4. Process: Describe what you did that was new or innovative. Describe how you did it. Talk about any barriers to success that you encountered.
  5. Results: Discuss your results and if your innovation was a #WellnessWin or #WellnessFlop. Explain the effectiveness of the innovation, including why you think it did or did not work.

Word count: There is none, but be clear yet concise.


 January 14, 2019

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Nicole Battaglioli, MD

Nicole Battaglioli, MD

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Nicole Battaglioli, MD


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