MEdIC Series: The Case of the Terrible Teammate

fingerWorkplace conflict can take place in many forms. Both clinical and administrative work can result in interpersonal conflict that causes frustrations which lead to a downward spiral of increasingly intense and adversarial working environments. This month in the MEdIC Series, we present the case of Sarah, a co-chief resident who is having a disagreement with her colleague David over an administrative issue. We invite you to share your thoughts and advice below.


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Calling all EM residents: Submit an abstract to Annals of EM

AnnalsEMDid you know that there is a section in the Annals of Emergency Medicine that is written by EM residents only? As Annals’ Resident Fellow, I wanted to share a great writing and publishing opportunity with my fellow residents. Many of the residents who have published in this series have gone on to do great things in EM as faculty members. 


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MEdIC Series: The Case of the New Job Negotiations

downloadThe final year of residency is challenging.  Your responsibilities at work increase. Exams loom. And the job or fellowship hunt begins…

This month in the MEdIC series we present the case of Jamal, a senior emergency medicine resident who is torn between the job he desires and the job that others are suggesting that he pursue. Join us as we ‘listen in’ on his conversation with his friend Cindy (a Pulmonology fellow) as they compare their adventures in new job negotiations.


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