video iconPaucis Videos (paucis means “few” or “brief” in Latin) are short video-based educational pearls for the practicing physician with a focus on Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. The videos are meant to be extremely short so that they can be easily referred to at any time. These videos build upon concept of brevity with the Paucis Verbis (“in a few words” in Latin) cards, which provide condensed nuggets of clinical information on a 4×6 inch index card.

The P-videos take it up a notch by covering such items as:

  • Medical mnemonics
  • Instructional videos
  • “Tricks of the trade”
  • Rapid-fire journal reviews

Available P-videos


Dr. Jeremy Faust is currently an emergency medicine resident from Mount Sinai Hospital and Elmhurst Hospital Center, a frequent contributor to ACEP News, a proud proponent of Free Open Access Medical Education (#FOAMed), and a classical musician and producer.

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