As a followup to a previous post on “The 10 Commandments in Emergency Medicine”, we would like to pay tribute to our pediatric friends. More than a decade after it was initially published, Timothy Givens (also from Vanderbilt but the pediatric side) published “The 10 commandments of pediatric Emergency Medicine”. Although the original commandments still hold true, the pediatric commandments augment them nicely and are geared towards our littler patients.

  1. Children are not small adults.
  2. Ill and injured children regress.
  3. The “patient” might be the one holding the child.
  4. Kids are the real deal.
  5. Laboratory tests and x-rays seldom beat a good history and physical examination. 
  6. Many hands make light work.
  7. Check and double-check. Then, check again.
  8. Children feel pain just like you do – treat it.
  9. Close the loop.
  10. Above all, you are the child’s advocate.
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Givens T. The ten commandments of pediatric Emergency Medicine. J Emerg Med. 2004;27(2):193-4. DOI: 10.1016/j.jemermed.2004.05.002.
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Fred Wu, MHS, PA-C

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Fred Wu, MHS, PA-C

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